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Hollow-carved Tags Benefit


In order to achieve the perfect effect, we use a lot of complex processes., our products are not as fast as ordinary laser printing tags, which usually take a week.

If you need it as a gift or if it is strictly timed, please count the time.

To US 7-13 Business days

To UK,AU,FR,DE,NZ: 15-21 Business Days

To Other Countries: 22-28 Business Days

Our furry friend can be mischievous at times and may like to roll around on the ground. If there are scratches on the surface of the tags.

1. We can polish it with glasses cloth and toothpaste.

2. Rub the tag on a rough burlap and it will have a matte finish.

Lifetime Guarantee

Any time tags damaged. We will all redo and mail for free. Please contact us.