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Round Bone Hollow Engraved Dog ID Tag

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What is the ultimate purpose of our dog tag purchase? The main purpose of our thinking is that when our dog is lost, the good-hearted person picks it up and then contacts the owner and sends it to the owner.

All of this is so logical, but we have overlooked a very important issue. Most of the time, when our dog is lost, it is confused and frightened. This may make the good-hearted person who finds it afraid to approach it, so that it is impossible to read the information on the dog tag to find the owner.

Our dog tag using hollow design to maximize the phone number. People can still read it clearly 4 meters away. People can get the owner's information without touching the frightened dog. Increase the chance that the dog will be rescued. Large dogs that make people dare not approach are no longer a tricky problem.

In addition to using hollow and deep engraving techniques, information is never scratched and lost. We also use arc welding at the junction of the tag, and use the horseshoe buckle to make it very strong. The tag can withstand a pull of 60 kg. No dog can pull it apart. You don't have to worry about the dog pulling and losing the tag.

We guarantee your satisfaction, any question please contact us first. We will replace or refund your purchase.

Material : 304 Stainless steel/ Mirror polished
S-size: 8g / 35mm width
L-size: 9.5g /40mm width

-Shipping Time-


  • Processing time: 6-7 days
  • To US/CA: 7-14 Business days
  • To GB,AU,FR,DE,NZ: 15-22 Business days
  • To Other Countries: 22-28 Business days

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Jennifer Westerfeld
Sturdy and well designed

Great tag. The design makes it so the phone number can’t wear off. Nice thick metal, too

Ed B.

They look beautiful and very durable. Worth every penny

Barbara S.

Best tags ever we bought one for each of our dogs!

William J.

I ordered one of these about 10 months ago. Very shiny, looks like it will last forever. Adopted a 2nd dog and ordered the same style dog tag for him. It’s not shiny at all ( like it has no plating) but it will probably last forever.

Celeste W.

Just what I needed.