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Dog id tags pets at home

January 22, 2024 3 min read

taglec new dog tags


Key Takeaways:

Aspect Details
Keyword Focus Dog ID Tags Pets at Home
Product Highlight Hollow Carved ID Tags
Unique Feature Advanced Engraving Technology & Lightweight Design
Customization Options 300+ Dog Icons, Various Sizes & Shapes
Additional Information Shipping Times, Care Instructions, Lifetime Guarantee

Welcome to Taglec: Custom ID Tags for Your Furry Friends

Welcome to Taglec, where custom ID tags for pets are our specialty. For over three years, we have provided more than 20,000 tags to customers globally, ensuring that each pet's unique identity is beautifully and durably captured. Our hollow carved ID tags stand out in the market, offering both style and substance.

Why Choose Taglec's Dog ID Tags?

Advanced Engraving for Durability

One of the primary benefits of our dog ID tags is the advanced engraving technology used. This technique ensures that your pet's information remains legible and intact, never wearing off even with regular use.

Visibility and Safety

Our tags are designed to maximize the visibility of your phone number, allowing it to be easily read from a distance. This is crucial for increasing the chances of your dog being safely returned if lost.

Customizable to Fit Any Dog

We offer over 300 dog icons, covering all AKC certified breeds as well as crossbreeds, ensuring that you can find a design that perfectly represents your pet. Our tags come in three sizes and shapes, accommodating everything from a Chihuahua to a Great Dane.

Lightweight and Comfortable for Pets

A significant advantage of our tags is their lightweight design. Weighing only 8g, these tags do not cause any pressure on the necks of puppies or kittens, making them comfortable for all-day wear.

Additional Information and Care

Shipping and Processing

Our commitment to quality means that our tags, which involve complex processes, may take a week to create. Please plan accordingly, especially if you need the tag for a gift or a specific event. We offer shipping to various countries with specific time frames.

Maintenance and Lifetime Guarantee

Our tags are designed to withstand the adventurous nature of pets. Should they get scratched, they can be easily polished with a glasses cloth and toothpaste. Plus, if your tag ever gets damaged, we offer a lifetime guarantee to redo and mail it for free.

Enhancing Your Pet's Safety and Style: The Taglec Advantage

Unique Design and Practicality

Taglec's hollow carved ID tags are not just about aesthetic appeal; they offer practical benefits as well. The hollow design ensures that the tag is lightweight, making it comfortable for pets of all sizes. This feature is especially beneficial for small breeds and young animals, ensuring that the tag does not become a burden or cause discomfort.

Easy Maintenance for Long-Lasting Use

Understanding that pets can be playful and their tags may undergo wear and tear, we have devised simple yet effective ways to maintain the tags. A gentle polish with a glasses cloth and toothpaste can refresh its look. For a different finish, rubbing the tag on rough burlap gives it a unique matte appearance. This easy maintenance ensures that your pet's tag remains in excellent condition.

Commitment to Customer Satisfaction: Lifetime Guarantee

At Taglec, we stand behind our products with a robust lifetime guarantee. If your pet's tag ever gets damaged, we will remake and mail a new one for free, ensuring that your furry friend is never without their vital identification.

Making a Difference in Pet Safety

The Importance of Dog ID Tags

Dog ID tags play a crucial role in pet safety. They provide a quick and efficient way to identify lost pets and facilitate their return to their owners. With our customizable tags, you not only ensure your pet's safety but also add a personal touch that reflects your pet’s personality and style.

Taglec's Contribution to Pet Safety

By offering a product that combines durability, visibility, and personalization, Taglec contributes significantly to enhancing pet safety. Our tags ensure that pets are easily identifiable, increasing the likelihood of a safe return should they wander away from home.


In conclusion, Taglec's range of dog ID tags combines functionality with style, making them an ideal choice for pet owners. They are not just tags; they are a symbol of your care and commitment to your pet's safety and well-being. Explore our collection today and choose a tag that best represents your furry friend.

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