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Hollow-carved ID Tags

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Why Taglec Tags?

    ✅ SCRATCH-RESISTANT -Hollow-carved processing

    ✅ EASY TO READ -Big name & big numbers

    ✅ DURABLE -316 Stainless steel

    ✅ LIGHTWEIGHT -23% hollowed out

    ✅ UNIQUE DESIGN -310+ icons

    Our pets are family members and just like the rest of the pack, we want to keep them safe and secure at all times. Make sure that your dog wears a Hollow-Carved Dog ID Tag that is more stylish, sturdy, and easy to read.

    Increase the chance that your dog will be rescued immediately. It is hollow-carved using premium-grade 316 Stainless Steel where information such as your phone number or address will never fade away or be scratched.

    The rescuers can also easily read the owner's details from the tag even if they are 3 meters away. This is not your typical custom tag. We offer 300+ dog patterns and we can also personalize one for you.

    They are mirror-polished and come with 2 rings. Its lightweight design won’t cause any pressure on your pet’s neck.

    We guarantee your satisfaction, any question please contact us first. We will replace or refund your purchase.

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 327 reviews
    Derek K.

    Took awhile to receive the tags we ordered, but they will not wear out like the tags you buy from PetSmart

    Charlotte S.

    Love the tag! No matter how many scratches it acquires, it is still legible!

    Ed B.

    Very nicely made. Looks great.

    Charles B.

    They look great. You did a wonderful job.

    Tom B.

    Nice week made. I just wanted the one with the Matt finish and I got one with a shiny finish. Shipping took a long time.