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Hollow-carved ID Tags

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Why Hollow-carved Dog Tags?

  • Our Hollow-carved Dog Tags maximize the phone number. People can still read it clearly 4 meters away so they can get the owner's information without touching the frightened dog. Increase the chance that the dog will be rescued. Large dogs that make people dare not approach are no longer a tricky problem.
  • In addition to using hollow-carved techniques, information is never scratched and lost. 
  • Lightweight design will not cause any pressure on the necks of dogs or cats.
  • These aren’t just typical custom dog tags for dogs—rather, artisan jewelry worn on your dog’s collar!
  • We offer 300+ dog patterns. When you pull to the end of the list, you will always find your dog. If your dog is not in this category, you can contact us and we will design one for you.

    Material:316 Stainless steel  /  Mirror polished / Come with 2 rings

    We guarantee your satisfaction, any question please contact us first. We will replace or refund your purchase.

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