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Yorkie Husky Mix: A Unique Hybrid Dog Breed Overview

January 03, 2024 5 min read

Yorkie Husky mix
Height: 9-15 inches (23-38 cm)
Weight: 20-45 lbs (9-20 kg)
Lifespan: 12-15 years
Colors: Variety, including black, grey, tan, white
Suitable for: Individuals, Families
Temperament: Energetic, Curious, Intelligent, Affectionate, Loyal

The Yorkie Husky mix, a blend of the Yorkshire Terrier and Siberian Husky's distinct qualities, is making waves in the hybrid dog world. This combination yields a remarkable canine known for its impressive energy levels and delightful demeanor. These dogs typically enjoy a blend of both parent breeds' physical characteristics and personality traits. Read on to discover the fascinating world of the Yorkie Husky mix.

Characteristics of the Yorkie Husky Mix

Combining the small stature and feistiness of a Yorkshire Terrier with the robust build and high energy of a Siberian Husky results in a breed that is dynamic in both appearance and temperament. The Yorkie Husky mix is often hailed for its intelligence and eagerness to engage in social interaction, displaying a playful and outgoing personality.

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History of the Yorkie Husky Mix

The history of the Yorkie Husky mix stems from the trend of creating designer dogs. While its history may not be as long-standing or well-documented as purebred dogs, the desire for unique mixes has led to the development of this attractive breed. The goal was to merge the Yorkie's portable size and companionable nature with the Husky's strength and endurance.


The mix dog tends to enjoy a robust lifespan ranging between 12 to 15 years, indicating a blend of both parents' longevity and the health benefits often associated with hybrid vigor.

Height and Weight of Yorkie Husky Mix

The size of a Yorkie Husky mix can vary, generally weighing between 20 to 45 pounds and standing roughly 9 to 15 inches tall at the shoulder. Their size is often manageable for most living situations, making them a versatile companion.

Yorkie Husky Mix Appearance and Color Variations

This mix boasts a wide range of color variations, mirroring the diverse palette of the Husky while also potentially adopting the Yorkie's traditional tan and black coat. Color patterns can range from solid tones to a mix of greys, blacks, and whites, often with distinctive facial markings.

Yorkie Husky Mix Personality

Energetic and intelligent, the Yorkie Husky mix craves stimulation and enjoys spending time with their human companions. They're known for bonds that reflect loyalty and affection, alongside a playful exuberance that never fails to entertain.

Yorkie Husky Mix Temperament

The temperament of the Yorkie Husky mix can embody the best traits from both breeds: the loyalty and warmth of a Yorkie coupled with the Husky's good-natured friendliness. However, early socialization and training are essential to ensure they grow into well-adjusted adults.

Where to Adopt or Buy a Yorkie Husky Mix?

Adopting a Yorkie Husky mix can be a rewarding experience. Local shelters or breed-specific rescues may occasionally have these mixes, and reaching out to them is an excellent starting point. If you're looking to buy, ensure that the breeder is reputable and provides health clearances for the puppies.

What's the Price of a Yorkie Husky Mix?

The price for a Yorkie Husky mix puppy can vary widely depending on location, breeder reputation, and whether the puppy comes from specific pedigree lines. Generally, prices can range anywhere from $500 to $1000 or more.

Things to Know if You Own a Yorkie Husky Mix

The Yorkie Husky mix is a unique canine companion that requires a fair amount of care to maintain their health and happiness.

Loyal and affectionate companions
Relatively healthy with few genetic issues
Good with families and sociable
Intelligent and trainable

Can be stubborn, requiring patient training
High exercise needs, not ideal for sedentary owners
May have a strong prey drive
Sheds seasonally, demanding regular grooming

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Diet and Nutrition of Yorkie Husky Mix

A balanced and nutritious diet is crucial for the health of a Yorkie Husky mix. Portion control and high-quality dog food that caters to their energy levels will support their wellbeing. Consulting with a vet for personalized dietary advice is recommended.


Regular check-ups with the vet to monitor their health and timely vaccinations will play a pivotal role in preventive care. Additionally, mental stimulation through toys and puzzle feeders can keep their keen minds engaged.


Given their energetic disposition, ample daily exercise is a must. This could include long walks, play sessions, and opportunities to run and explore in a secure area.


Training a Yorkie Husky mix should start early to capitalize on their intelligence and to address any stubborn streaks. Positive reinforcement methods work wonders for their self-assured nature.


Seasonal shedding means a Yorkie Husky mix requires consistent grooming practices, such as frequent brushing. This not only minimizes loose fur but also helps keep their coat in prime condition.

FAQs of Yorkie Husky Mix

How often should you bathe a Yorkie Husky mix?

Bathe them only as needed, usually once every few months unless they get particularly dirty.

Are Yorkie Husky mix dogs good for families?

 Yes, they are known for being good family pets, especially when socialized early.

Does a Yorkie Husky mix get along with other pets?

They can, but early socialization is key due to the potential for a high prey drive.

Do Yorkie Husky mixes bark a lot?

They can be vocal, but training can moderate unnecessary barking.

Are Yorkie Husky mixes aggressive?

Not typically, especially with proper training and socialization.

Are Yorkie Husky mixes high maintenance?

 They require regular exercise and grooming, so they can be considered moderate maintenance.

Do Yorkie Husky mixes shed?

Yes, they shed, especially seasonally.

How smart is a Yorkie Husky mix?

 They are generally quite intelligent, thanks to both parent breeds.

Are Yorkie Husky mixes good walking dogs?

 Absolutely, they tend to love walks and outdoor activities.

Can Yorkie Husky mixes swim?

Many can and do enjoy water, though it varies by individual.

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Do Yorkie Husky mixes like to cuddle?

 While they are affectionate, the level of cuddliness can vary.

Are Yorkie Husky mixes clingy?

They can be close to their owners, but training helps them develop independence.

Are Yorkie Husky mixes good house dogs?

 They can adapt well to house living with sufficient exercise.

Are Yorkie Husky mixes hypoallergenic?

No, due to their shedding, they are not considered hypoallergenic.

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Bear in mind that while owning a Yorkie Husky mix can be deeply rewarding, it requires commitment to meet their needs. In embracing this unique blend, you gain not just a pet, but a loyal and spirited companion ready to accompany you on life's adventures.

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