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June 06, 2022 8 min read

In this article, we will discuss one of the most popular breeds of dog in the world today: the long haired french bulldog. This is a breed that is well-known for its small size, white coat and long hair. These dogs were originally bred as service animals for hunters. Over time, however, they have become more common pets due to their friendly nature and affectionate personality traits.

Breed Overview

10-12 inches
15-25 pounds
10-15 years

Long haired French bulldogs are a purebred dog. They are small, but they have a lot of energy and love to play. They can be stubborn at times, so proper training is important when you first get them.
They are a member of the boston terrier family and can also be called Facon de Fransais or Frenchie for short. The long haired french bulldog has an average lifespan of 10-15 years.

Characteristics of the long haired french bulldog

The long-haired French bulldog is a small dog that is well known for its good temperament and health. In the past, you would have had to go to France to own one of these beautiful dogs. They are now available in America.
The long-haired French bulldog is a breed that can weigh anywhere between 18-30 pounds when fully grown. The average height of this breed is about 10-12 inches tall at their shoulders with males being larger than females on average.#ENDWRITE

History of the long haired french bulldog

The long haired French bulldog is a breed that was developed in recent years. The breed is a cross between the standard and miniature French bulldogs, and has become increasingly popular since its introduction to the public.
The reason for this popularity? Long-haired Frenchies are adorable! Their big eyes, wrinkled faces, and curly fur make them look like they’re smiling all the time (which they probably are). They also tend to be calmer than other dogs due to their larger size—and when you combine that with their cute factor... well let's just say you'll want more than one of these puppies around your house!

Long haired french bulldog personality

If you are thinking of getting a French Bulldog, and are attracted to the long-haired version, then you should know that these dogs have several endearing qualities.
They are highly friendly, playful and affectionate. They also make good family pets because they get along well with children and other pets as well as strangers. They can be easily trained because they are intelligent dogs that learn fast and respond well to positive reinforcement training methods.
The Long Haired French Bulldog loves attention from its owner or anyone else who gives it some loving care and attention. Because of their high intelligence level, these special dogs can be trained for many things including watchdog duties which makes them good companions for people who have large properties like farms or ranches where there’s always something happening around the place all times of day or night!
In addition to having an excellent temperament this breed is also known for being very active; therefore if you don't want your dog running around all day long then consider getting another type instead such as Shih Tzu which isn't quite so energetic but still has lots of personality too (and doesn’t shed as much).

Long haired French Bulldogs are lovely, sweet and affectionate. They love to be around people and other animals, so they make a great indoor companion for seniors or families with children who have pets.
Long haired Frenchies can be trained to some extent, but they are known to have stubborn streaks that make training challenging at times. They do well in obedience classes when they're young, but because of their stubbornness it's best not to push them too hard even once they've been trained—you could end up with an adult dog who doesn't like being told what to do!

Diet and Nutrition

Long haired french bulldogs are prone to obesity, so it's important that you watch their diet. Long haired frenchies have a high activity level and will need lots of exercise each day. They should be fed a high protein diet, but be careful not to overfeed them or they will gain weight easily.
A good rule of thumb is this: if you can feel your dog's ribs when you run your hand along his body then he's at the right weight for his breed, age and size. If you can't feel any ribs then he needs more food, but if you can feel too much fat around his ribs then he has gained too much weight and might develop health conditions like heart disease later in life because of it.

Common Health Problems

Long-haired French Bulldogs are prone to the same health problems as their short-haired counterparts. That said, there are some additional concerns that you should be aware of if you own a long-haired Frenchie. For example, because these dogs have longer hair and more skin, they're more likely than short-haired dogs to develop hot spots or skin infections due to excessive grooming and licking at the area where your Frenchie's skin meets its fur.
Because long haired breeds are at higher risk for developing hypothyroidism (a condition which occurs when the thyroid gland doesn't produce enough hormones) it's important to get your pup's blood tested regularly so that this disease can be detected before it becomes serious.

How to to Get a long haired french bulldog puppies?

It is important that you find a reputable breeder for your long haired french bulldog puppies. If you have never owned or bred a dog before, finding the right breeder can be difficult. Here are some tips on how to choose the right long haired french bulldog puppies:

  • Ask other owners of pets such as cats and dogs where they go when they want to buy new pets. You can usually get recommendations from family members too! If someone has had a good experience with their breeder, it's likely that they'll be able to recommend them as well!
  • Look online at reviews posted by people who have used breeders before; these will often tell you whether or not it's worth going through this particular one yourself.* It's always important that any potential buyer gets references from previous clients - especially ones who've purchased similar things (i.e., if they're selling cars).

What’s the Price of long haired french bulldog Puppies?

Long haired french bulldog puppies are not cheap, however. They can cost anywhere between $800 to $2,500 per puppy depending on the breeder and whether you will be getting your long haired french bulldog from a pet store or from a breeder.

Things to know if you own a long haired french bulldog:


It is true that the long-haired franco-bulldogs are less active than short-haired breeds, but it does not mean that they are inactive. They need a regular daily walk to stay fit and healthy. If you do not have time for a walk every day, then you can use an indoor treadmill or an exercise ball instead of both these options. They also enjoy playing outdoors with their owners and other dogs in the neighborhood. This helps them get out of the house for some fresh air and exercises at least twice a week for about one hour each time if possible! The best way to keep your dog fit is to provide him with proper nutrition, adequate rest, moderate exercise and lots of love!


Training a long haired french bulldog is not difficult, but it does require patience and consistency. A long haired french bulldog will learn faster if he or she receives positive reinforcement in the form of treats and praise. If you are training your dog to sit, for example, it may be helpful to use hand gestures like tapping their nose or gently pushing down on their hind legs until they get the idea that sitting will earn them something tasty.
When training your long haired french bulldog at home, keep in mind that there are many distractions around them—and this could make learning harder than it needs to be if you don’t give them enough attention while they’re trying new things out! For this reason we recommend setting aside some time each day specifically dedicated towards training sessions so that both you and your pup can focus all their energy into mastering new skills together rather than getting distracted by other things happening around them during these short periods each day when they come together just yours alone doing activities like walking through parks etcetera!


Long haired Frenchies need to be brushed regularly, especially during the shedding season. They are sensitive to temperature changes, so keep them warm in the winter and cool in the summer when they're not inside with you.
Long haired Frenchies can also be prone to skin allergies which can lead to excessive scratching or even baldness if left untreated. They may also develop eye infections due to their long eyelashes that can cause irritation and inflammation of the eye itself if not taken care of properly with regular cleaning, medicated drops and/or ointments (depending on severity).


Are The long haired french bulldog Dogs Good for Families?

These dogs are great for families with children. They are very affectionate, and they love to be around their family members. The long haired french bulldog is also a good choice if you want a dog that will enjoy playing with your children.
The long haired french bulldog is also good for elderly people because they are easy to handle and don't require much exercise or grooming. If you're looking for a dog that can live in an apartment with little space, then this breed could be perfect for you!
Additionally, these animals have been known to make excellent companions for singles who live alone (or couples without kids). This means that if you're living on your own but still want a pet companion, then this dog may be perfect for you!
Finally - although this isn't technically part of its temperament - there's no denying how beautiful these pups look!

Long haired french bulldog With other pets?

If you're looking for a dog that's good with children, does well with other pets and is good with other dogs, the Long Haired French Bulldog might be your best bet.

Are long haired french bulldog Breeds Purebred Dogs?

Long haired French bulldogs are not a hybrid, they are a crossbreed dog. A hybrid is a mix between two different breeds of dog. But the long hair on their body and head is not because of two different breeds or two different species. It’s just that back in the past, there were some dogs with longer fur than today’s standard breed. So these dogs were bred for having more fur to create new generations with longer hair/fur as well!

Affection Level
Exercise Needs
Energy Level
Tendency to Bark
Amount of Shedding

Long haired french bulldog Facts

  • The long haired french bulldog is a mixed breed of french bulldog and poodle. The long haired French Bulldog has a mixed appearance of both the parent breeds, however this does not mean that all long-haired dogs will have the same features as these two dogs. A few years ago some breeders decided to cross these two breeds together to create a new variety for people who love both breeds but want something different from just one of them.
  • The long-haired french bulldogs are sometimes referred to as "Frenchie Poodles" or "Frenchie Poodles." These nicknames are used to describe how much hair this particular type has on its body when compared with other types such as short coated versions or even mini versions which also exist today! It's important now more than ever before because there aren't many other options available at least not yet anyway...

Final Thoughts

If you’re looking for the perfect family pet, consider adopting a long haired French Bulldog. This breed is friendly, affectionate and playful. The long coat of these dogs makes them perfect for living in apartments.

We hope you’ve found this guide useful! If you have further questions about long haired french bulldogs, please feel free to leave them in the comments section below. Also, if you’re really enamored with these dogs and want to learn more about them, check out our list of 11 long haired french bulldog Facts. And as always, if you think your friends would love reading this post too, remember to share it with them on Facebook or Twitter!

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