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November 01, 2022 12 min read


Shih Tzu Schnauzer Mix is a mixed breed dog that is the result of breeding a Shih Tzu with a Miniature Schnauzer. It’s important to know what you are getting into before bringing home one of these dogs because they do not always get along with other pets, especially cats. We will discuss more about this and more below!

Shih Tzu Schnauzer Mix Breed overview

The Shih Tzu Schnauzer Mix is a hybrid dog that is the result of breeding a Shih Tzu with a Miniature Pinscher. The Shih Tzu Schnauzer Mix is a small to medium sized dog, with males weighing 11-18 pounds and females weighing 10-17 pounds. They are intelligent dogs and make good family pets because they are loyal to their families and love playing with children.

Characteristics of the Shih Tzu Schnauzer Mix

You are probably wondering what characteristics the Shih Tzu Schnauzer Mix has, if it is a good family pet and if you should adopt one. Let’s take a look at these questions. The Shih Tzu Schnauzer Mix is a lively, intelligent and affectionate dog. They are loyal to their families and enjoy playing with children. They require daily exercise and can become destructive if not given enough attention or exercise.


You can expect your Shih Tzu Schnauzer Mix to live for 13 to 15 years, on average. That's about the same as both breeds' expected lifespan—12 to 15 years.

While it's tempting to think that mixing two breeds will result in a longer life (or a shorter one), this isn't always the case. In some cases, mixing may help you avoid genetic diseases that are common in purebreds of either breed—but this isn't always possible or desirable for every dog owner.

Height and Weight of Shih Tzu Schnauzer Mix

The Shih Tzu Schnauzer Mix is a medium-sized dog, with both the Shih Tzu and Schnauzer being small breeds. The Shih Tzu Schnauzer Mix can weigh anywhere from 10 to 22 pounds, with an average weight of 16 to 18 pounds.

In terms of height, this mixed breed can reach anywhere between 8 to 12 inches tall at the shoulder. With their short legs and long body, you will find that they are usually shorter than other dogs in your home.

Shih Tzu Schnauzer Mix Appearance and Color Variations

The Shih Tzu Schnauzer mix is a small dog that weighs about 15 pounds and stands about 10 inches tall. The Shih Tzu Schnauzer mix has a short, dense double coat that can be either black or brown. The outer coat of the Shih Tzu Schnauzer mix is smooth, soft and straight while the undercoat is thick and fluffy. The Shih Tzu Schnauzer mix may also have longer hair around its neck as well as on its tail which will be curly to wavy in appearance. It has small rounded ears with flat tips set close together on top of its head but not too close together so that it looks like one large ear instead of two separate ones like some other breeds do when they get old enough for their ears to stand up straight again after being folded down over time due to genetics or because they’re related closely enough genetically that they share similar characteristics like this one does when comparing them side-by-side against each other without looking at anything else from outside sources such as books written by reputable authors who know what they're talking about when writing textbooks used by professionals working in fields related somehow - someway - someway?

Shih Tzu Schnauzer Mix Personality

You are looking for a dog to be your best friend. You want a dog that will be playful, energetic and affectionate. The Shih Tzu Schnauzer Mix is for you. They love children and make great family pets because they get along with everyone in the household, including other pets. They are loyal and eager to please, making them easy to train. Shih Tzu Schnauzer Mix also have good temperaments making them an excellent choice if you're looking for an active pet that can keep up with your lifestyle while still being gentle enough around children or elderly people who may not be as physically active as someone in their 20s or 30s would be

Shih Tzu Schnauzer Mix Temperament

Shih Tzu Schnauzer Mix are friendly and affectionate, but they can be pretty feisty. They love to play and run around, so be prepared for a lot of energy from your Shih Tzu Schnauzer Mix!

They’re also very intelligent dogs, which means they need a lot of mental stimulation as well as physical exercise. Your Shih Tzu Schnauzer Mix will learn new things quickly if you put in the time and effort to teach him new tricks. The more you work with your dog on training, the better he will get at learning new things!

The loyalty these little guys show their owner is one of their best qualities - they absolutely adore you once they have bonded with you fully (which might take some time). You will absolutely fall head over heels in love with these adorable creatures!

What’s the price of Shih Tzu Schnauzer Mix?

The price of a Shih Tzu Schnauzer mix puppy varies according to the age and its gender.

To know the exact cost of a Shih Tzu Schnauzer mix, you must visit different websites that have information about the price of this mixed breed dog. The average price can range from $200 to $500 depending on factors such as pedigree, health status, and competition level etc.

Pros of Shih Tzu Schnauzer Mix

  • Affectionate

  • Intelligent

  • Loyal

  • Playful

  • Social

Cons of Shih tzu Schnauzer Mix

Shih Tzu Schnauzer Mix are not hypoallergenic, which means that they shed hair and dander. If you or someone in your home has allergies to fur and dander, you may want to reconsider this dog breed.

Shih Tzu Schnauzer Mix can be aggressive towards other pets and children, so they should be supervised when around them.

Diet and nutrition of Shih Tzu Schnauzer Mix

As with all dog breeds, the Shih Tzu Schnauzer Mix should be fed a high-quality dog food. This means that the food should contain at least 25% protein, 20% fat and 10% carbohydrates. It’s also important to note that dogs need different amounts of calories depending on their activity level and size. Often, you will find information about caloric requirements on the label of your dog’s food bag or canister.

When feeding your Shih Tzu Schnauzer Mix, it is important not to overfeed him/her as this can lead to obesity which can cause many health problems later in life including heart disease and diabetes mellitus (diabetes). If you have any questions about what diet would be best for your furry friend please contact your veterinarian for assistance!


Brushing, bathing and clipping are all activities you should do regularly to keep your Shih Tzu Schnauzer Mix looking their best. Brushing your dog's coat is important because it helps remove dead hair and distribute natural oils throughout the coat. If you don't brush regularly, mats can form in their fur which can be painful or even cause an infection. Bathing a dog also promotes healthy skin by removing dirt and other buildup on a dog's body, while also making them smell better! A good rule of thumb for bath frequency is once every week or two—if your Shih Tzu Schnauzer Mix has been exposed to something particularly smelly or muddy they may need another one sooner than that though! Clip nails once every month or so; if they get too long they could hurt people so make sure those puppies stay short! Trimming ears weekly will help prevent ear infections as well as keep hair from getting into the ear canal (which could lead to more serious problems).


A Shih tzu Schnauzer Mix needs a moderate amount of exercise. The best way to exercise your Shih tzu Schnauzer Mix is to play with it, take it on walks and play in the yard.

Your Shih tzu Schnauzer Mix should have plenty of room to run around and do its thing. You don't want your dog getting bored or feeling confined in any way! It's important that they get the chance to stretch their legs every day so they can run around freely without getting into trouble by chewing up anything you don't want them chewing up!


Shih Tzu Schnauzer Mix are very intelligent and loyal dogs, who need proper training to be a good companion. They are not very friendly towards strangers but they love their family members. They can become playful at times, especially if they have not been trained properly.


Shih Tzu Schnauzer Mix grooming requirements

Grooming isn’t easy for a Shih Tzu Schnauzer Mix. You will have to brush their coat every day and trim their nails weekly. But, they don't need to be bathed more than once or twice a month because they are not known as big shedder dogs.

Shih Tzu Schnauzer Mix FAQs

How often should you bathe a Shih Tzu Schnauzer Mix?

The answer to how often should you bathe your Shih Tzu Schnauzer Mix depends on how dirty he is. You can tell if your dog needs a bath by the condition of his coat and the odor that he emits. It's important not to bath him too often as this could damage his skin and fur, or not often enough so that he smells bad. The best way to know how often you should bathe him is by checking his coat first before deciding whether or not it's time for a bath!

Are the Shih Tzu Schnauzer Mix dogs good for families?

The Shih Tzu Schnauzer mix is a great family pet. They are good with children and other pets, protective of their territory, and loyal to their owners.

They do need lots of attention because they are very social dogs. If they don’t get enough exercise or mental stimulation, they may become bored and destructive in the house.

Dose Shih Tzu Schnauzer Mix get along with other pets?

A Shih Tzu Schnauzer Mix is a good pet for people who want to be around a dog all the time. If you’re looking for an independent pooch, this might not be the right choice for you.

Shih Tzu Schnauzer Mixes are typically good with other pets and children, and can even get along with cats. However, some may not like your cat or other furry friends so much.

If you have any questions about whether or not this type of dog would fit into your lifestyle, talk to an expert at your local shelter before deciding on one as a companion animal!

Do Shih Tzu Schnauzer Mix bark a lot?

Yes! They can be vocal, but they're not very talkative dogs. They will bark when they feel threatened, or hear a strange noise or see something suspicious. Shih Tzu Schnauzer Mix are also known to bark whenever someone knocks at the door or hears another dog's barking.

Are Shih Tzu Schnauzer Mix dogs aggressive?

As a Shih Tzu Schnauzer mix, your dog is not aggressive. However, that doesn’t mean it won’t be protective of its owner or property. Like most dogs, the Shih Tzu Schnauzer will let you know when something is wrong or if there are strangers around. It is generally good with children and other pets but can become territorial around other dogs in their territory (home).

Are Shih Tzu Schnauzer Mix dogs high maintenance?

When it comes to the Shih Tzu Schnauzer, you can't really say that they're low maintenance dogs. These are high energy creatures that require consistent exercise in order to maintain their health and overall happiness. This means, if you want one of these guys as a pet, you'll need to be willing to get out and spend some time with him.

Just as important as regular exercise is socialization: getting your dog used to meeting new people and animals (both big and small). If you plan on keeping your Shih Tzu Schnauzer inside all day long or only letting him outside when there's no one around for miles, then he's going to become very antisocial over time—which won't make either of your lives very fun!

Do Shih Tzu Schnauzer Mix shed?

Shih Tzu Schnauzer mixes are not hypoallergenic. The Shih Tzu portion of their parentage is a non-shedding dog that does not shed, but the Schnauzer part of their parentage is a shedding dog that sheds throughout the year. As such, these dogs shed more during spring and fall than they do during summer and winter.

How smart is a Shih Tzu Schnauzer Mix?

Shih Tzu Schnauzer Mix are smart dogs. They’re easy to train, and they’re good problem solvers. They’re very loyal dogs, too!

Are Shih Tzu Schnauzer Mix dogs good walking dogs?

Shih Tzu Schnauzer Mix dogs are excellent walking companions. They are small, but energetic, and will keep you on your toes. They love to walk with their owners, so if you're looking for a dog that enjoys spending quality time with you outside of the house, this could be the perfect breed for you.

Shih Tzu Schnauzer Mix dogs also do great living in apartments or smaller homes because they don't need very much space to run around in. Many Shih Tzu Schnauzer Mix dogs are also good family pets because they get along well with children and other animals (provided they've been properly socialized).

Lastly, Shih Tzu Schnauzer Mix dogs make excellent seniors' pets as well—their gentle nature makes them easy to train and care for even when conditions change due to age-related issues like arthritis or declining mobility.

Can Shih Tzu Schnauzer Mix swim?

The Shih Tzu Schnauzer mix can swim, but they are not the best swimmers. This mix should always be supervised while swimming and must wear a life jacket when in or near water. Although they have the ability to swim, they do not do it well and will require extra attention when around water, especially if they are not used to swimming often.

Do Shih Tzu Schnauzer Mix like to cuddle?

Shih Tzu Schnauzer Mix are very affectionate and like to cuddle. They are not a lap dog, but they will sit on your feet or legs if you’re sitting on the floor. They can be clingy and want to be with you most of the time. You won’t see them running around by themselves or hanging out at the dog park without their owner for too long.

Are Shih Tzu Schnauzer Mix dogs clingy?

Let's discuss the Shih Tzu Schnauzer Mix's personality.

First and foremost, it's important to note that these dogs are not clingy. This goes back to the issue of their size—they do not need constant attention or affection because they don't take up much room in your home. The Shih Tzu Schnauzer mix is friendly and easy-going, which means they're great for families with little children or elderly people who might want a companion as they're getting older.

Are Shih Tzu Schnauzer Mix dogs good house dogs?

Shih Tzu Schnauzer Mix dogs are good house dogs. They're small enough to be easily trained and have a low-shed coat, making them perfect for apartment living and families with allergies. These adorable hybrids make excellent companions for first time dog owners because they're eager to please and very affectionate.

Although this mix does not shed much, it does need regular brushing so you don't find hairs on your furniture or clothing.

Are Shih Tzu Schnauzer Mix dogs hypoallergenic?

It's not a myth that there are hypoallergenic dogs, but this is more of a product of the low-shedding nature of the Shih Tzu breed rather than their Schnauzer parent. However, if you are allergic to dog hair or want to keep your home clean, then having these little puffs around may be an issue for you.

As such, when looking at whether or not Shih Tzu Schnauzer Mix dogs are hypoallergenic, you should consider all factors before deciding.


Overall, Shih Tzu Schnauzer Mix dogs are a great choice for families that want to add a small and adorable pet to their home. They are affectionate, loyal and playful, which makes them a great companion for children. The Shih tzu Schnauzer mix can be trained to be obedient but they need an experienced owner who understands how to communicate with dogs in order not get frustrated while training them.

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