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June 12, 2022 9 min read

There is no such thing as a long haired pitbull, despite what many people believe. Though some pitbulls have longer hair than others, this is not a separate breed. Rather, it's an example of the breed's genetic diversity and how different dogs can look from one another. In this article, we're going to explore the myth of long haired pit bulls and answer questions about their appearance, personality and more.

Height: 13-17 inches
Weight: 30-50 pounds
Color: Solid white, red, black, beown
Coat: Coarse, smooth and shiny
Lifespan: 11-14 years
Temperament: Playful, loyal

You may have heard the phrase “long haired pitbull” before, or you might be wondering what it means. The truth is that this phrase is not a breed or even a mixed-breed dog. Instead, it’s simply used to describe pitbulls with longer fur than average and can include any breed of dog with similar characteristics.
Long haired pitbulls are not recognized by any breed registry, but some people still use this term when describing their pet’s coat in an attempt to distinguish them from other dogs they see around town.

Characteristics of the Long haired pitbull

  • The long haired pitbull temperament is described as being affectionate, energetic and loyal. This breed is a good choice for families with children who want a dog that can be trusted to interact well with children.
  • The long haired pitbull size and weight will depend on the gender of your dog, but males usually weigh between 35-60 pounds while females weigh between 30-50 pounds. The average height ranges from 15 inches to 22 inches at the shoulder for males and 13 inches to 17 inches at the shoulder for females.
  • The long haired pitbull history is not documented very well because this is an American invention created in the 1950s by crossing other breeds together to get the desired result: A larger dog with lots of energy who could still live comfortably indoors without shedding too much hair! They were bred specifically for working purposes such as guarding homes or livestock on farms (hence their name). They have been used in movies such as "Rudy" where one named "Gangster" served as inspiration for Sean Astin's character Rudy Ruettiger's best friend throughout childhood; so if you own one make sure he/she has plenty of friends around!

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History of the Long haired pitbull

The breed of Long haired pitbull is a very ancient one. It is believed that they have been around since the time of the ancient Egyptians. The first time we hear anything about them was in 880 BC when they were depicted on a cylinder seal belonging to an Egyptian king named Taharqa. 

They also appear on many other artifacts such as pottery and stone carvings over several centuries, showing just how long these dogs have been around for. In fact, most experts believe that their origin can be traced back even further to Mesopotamia where it may have been used as a war dog by soldiers or even farmers who needed protection from wild animals or other people trying to get into their fields.

It wasn't until much later though (in 15th century Britain) when these dogs became popular as fighting dogs due to their strength and tenacity which made them ideal for this type of work!

Long haired pitbull Appearance.

Long haired pitbulls have a coat that is coarse, smooth and shiny. The longest hairs on the body are the guard hairs. These are usually about three to four inches long. The undercoat is soft and dense with medium length fur that varies in thickness depending on the season.
Long haired pitbulls come in all colors including solid white, red, black, brown and white; brindle (both red and black), solid blue or fawn (tan); merle; piebald; solid grey and black with tan trim around eyes nose mouth feet paws pads buttocks tail tip chest legs upper lips inside ears eye rims lower eyelids cheeks whiskers chin muzzle neck throat chest belly sides flanks hips thighs ankles hocks back of thighs inside rear legs elbows knees pasterns fetlocks toes nails pads hooves paws pads soles paw pads.

Long haired pitbull Personality

The long haired pitbull personality is best described as a loyal, energetic and playful companion. They are very affectionate towards their owners and love to cuddle. They enjoy being part of the family and will often follow you around like a puppy would.
Long haired pitbulls are very good with kids because they don't mind rough play or being tossed around by children. They have been known to be protective of small children in the home, but only if there is an actual threat present in that moment or situation. If there isn’t something dangerous happening then this breed is quite fine with allowing kids to play with them without any issues at all!

Long haired pitbull Temperament

Long haired pitbulls are very loyal and protective of their owners. They are also highly intelligent, which makes them easy to train. Long haired pitbulls need a lot of exercise, so if you don't live in an active family or neighborhood, you should consider getting a different breed. Long haired pitbulls love being outdoors but they can be destructive when left alone for long periods of time without any supervision because they get bored easily! If you have other pets at home then it's important that your dog gets along well with them because they like spending time together (when they're not playing outside). If you're bringing home this puppy from the breeder make sure he or she is socialized around other dogs and people from an early age so that he/she will grow into a well-adjusted adult dog!

Long haired pitbull Food and nutrition requirements

Because long haired pitbulls are not a separate breed of dog, they are the same as all other pitbulls. However, it's important to note that long haired pitbulls need a high-quality diet with lots of protein and fat. This is because their coats have more fur than some other breeds, so they can't regulate their body temperature as well in warm weather without extra help from food.
Long haired pitbulls should not be fed the same food as other dogs because they have different nutritional needs due to having an extended coat that needs extra care and attention.

Loyal and affectionate
Playful and energetic
Great with children and pets
Protective, good guard dogs
Intelligent, trainable
Training enhances obedience

Not hypoallergenic
High shedding rate
Daily brushing required
Needs frequent grooming
Can exacerbate respiratory issues
Not suitable for apartments

Things to know if you own a Long haired pitbull:

Long haired pitbulls are not a breed of dog, but rather a type of dog that has a long coat. They resemble American Staffordshire Terriers, or AmStaffs, but they can be found in many different colors and sizes.
In order to understand the needs of your Long haired pitbull, it's important to learn what makes them unique.


Long haired pitbulls need daily exercise. This is important because:
It will help keep your long-haired dog fit, healthy and happy.
Exercise improves the overall quality of your long haired dog's life.
It will strengthen the bond between you and your dog.


Long haired pitbulls are excellent guard dogs and are known to be fiercely loyal to their family members. They like the outdoors and are happiest when they have a yard to play in or a large area to run around in. If you have an energetic long-haired pitbull, you will want to consider getting him involved in dog sports such as agility or fly ball.
When it is time for your long-haired bully puppy's training session, gather up some treats and toys that he likes so that he knows what is expected of him.
Make sure that there are no distractions around before starting the training, then say something like "Sit" while pointing at an empty space near you on the floor or ground. When your dog responds by sitting down, give him his treat and praise him with words like "good boy." Repeat this process until he has learned how many times before going through more complex commands such as "stay" or "roll over".


Long haired pitbulls need to be brushed daily. They do not shed a lot of hair, but they tend to get tangles and knots in their coats that can cause pain or discomfort. Brushing your long haired pitbull will help prevent these issues from developing and make grooming easier for you as well.
Long haired pitbulls need to be bathed regularly. Even though they don't shed a lot of hair, it's important that you keep their coats clean so that they look fabulous all the time! Bathing your long haired pitbull once per week will ensure that their coat is always shiny and healthy looking.


  1. Understanding Your Long-Haired Pitbull: Start by learning what distinguishes long-haired Pitbulls from other breeds. This includes their appearance, history, and personality. Our Pitbull Breed Guide is an excellent resource for this information.
  2. Grooming Essentials: Once you understand the unique characteristics of your long-haired Pitbull, grooming becomes vital. The grooming time varies based on fur length; shorter-haired dogs require less, but long-haired ones like yours need regular brushing and nail trimming every few weeks.
  3. Managing Their Thick Coat: For Pitbulls with thick coats, such as those at Pawsitively Pets, special care is needed, especially in warmer weather. Keep them cool during the summer with innovative methods like water bottles filled with ice cubes in the refrigerator. This ensures they stay cool while playing outside.
  4. Diet and Health Considerations: Feed high-quality food designed for large breeds. Larger dogs like Pitbulls not only overheat quickly but also struggle with heat tolerance, making them more prone to heatstroke symptoms. A proper diet helps manage these risks.


Are The Long haired pitbull Dogs Good for Families?

According to the American Kennel Club and the Canine Research Foundation, yes! They're energetic, playful, loyal, and intelligent. Pitbulls are also very protective of their owners and other people they know. Their coats require extra care so it's best if you have some time every day to groom them properly. If you have a busy schedule or young kids who don't have much time to give their dog then this may not be ideal for your family situation.

Dose Long haired pitbull Get  Along With Other Pets?

Long haired pitbulls are loving and affectionate dogs. They get along well with children, other animals, and even strangers. However, they do not make good guard dogs because they are not aggressive towards people but will protect their family if needed.
Long haired pitbulls do not do well with small animals such as hamsters or birds because they like to play rough with them and could hurt them by accident while playing too roughly; this goes for cats as well since long haired pits can be too rough when playing with cats.

Are Long haired pitbull Breeds Purebred Dogs?

The answer is yes, long haired pitbull breeds are purebred dogs. There’s no such thing as a long haired pitbull breed. The term “breed” refers to a group of dogs who share similar characteristics and traits that can be traced back to the same ancestor or ancestors. In other words, if two dogs have the same parents, they’re likely related and belong to the same family of dogs.
If you want to know more about whether or not your dog has any purebred ancestry in its bloodline, check out this article on how DNA testing works.

Dog Characteristics Overview.

Affection Level: ███████
Friendliness: ██████
Kid-Friendly: ██████
Pet-Friendly: █████
Exercise Needs: ███████
Playfulness: ███████
Energy Level: ███████
Trainability: ██████
Intelligence: ███████
Tendency to Bark: ██████
Amount of Shedding: █████

Health and Conditions Long haired pitbull

If you have a long haired pitbull, then you'll have to take extra care of it. Since they have more hair and skin exposed, they can get easily injured. This is especially true if you've got a puppy. At that age, your little one needs lots of attention and grooming; otherwise they might develop hot spots or infections in the skin.
Long haired pitbulls are also more likely than other dogs to get fleas and ticks since there's so much more fur for them to hide in! It's important that you do regular checks on your pup so that any unwanted guests can be dealt with before they cause any damage or discomfort for your pet.

Final Thoughts

The long haired pitbull is a purebred dog that's been bred to have a long coat. They're not a separate breed, but rather an American Pitbull Terrier with longer hair than what you'd typically find in the breed. They are bred for the novelty of their coat and to produce offspring with unique looks.

Now that you know some basics about the long-haired Pitbull, you should be able to decide if this dog is right for you. Hopefully, this information will help you decide whether or not to get a long-haired pitbull. If you do decide to get one, it’s important that they be treated with love and respect. They are a unique breed who deserve every bit of care!

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