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November 02, 2022 14 min read


The Greyhound German Shepherd Mix is a cross between the German Shepherd and the Greyhound. It’s a very popular mixed breed dog, but not many people know much about it. This article will tell you everything you need to know about this dog!

Greyhound German Shepherd Mix Overview

The Greyhound German Shepherd mix is a mixed breed dog. It's a hybrid of the Greyhound and the German Shepherd. The Greyhound German Shepherd mix is a medium sized dog, with males weighing anywhere from 40 to 70 pounds and females weighing 30 to 60 pounds.

The Greyhound is one of the oldest breeds in existence, dating back to ancient Egypt where it was used for hunting boar and deer - an activity that led to its name (it means "fast"). The grey colouring also comes from this time period, as it would help hunters easily track their prey by blending in with their surroundings when chasing after them at great speeds until they could be caught by hand or lowered by rope onto waiting carts so that they wouldn't escape again once they had been caught once already before being put down by arrows shot from bows made out of wood instead using modern technology such as guns or rifles designed especially for killing animals like wolves which would otherwise prove too dangerous if left alone without someone watching over them closely enough--like yourself!

Characteristics of the Greyhound German Shepherd Mix

The Greyhound German Shepherd Mix is a hybrid dog that is the result of breeding a Greyhound with a German Shepherd. This medium-sized mixed breed is intelligent, loyal and affectionate.

The Greyhound German Shepherd Mix has all the characteristics of both parent breeds. It has the long legs, sleek body and short coat of the Greyhound, as well as its keen sense of smell. However, it also possesses the intelligence, loyalty and strength that are typical in its German Shepherd parentage.


Greyhound German Shepherd Mix lifespan is between 10-15 years. This mix has a similar lifespan to the purebreds it was bred from, but it’s also important to note that there are many factors that contribute to their mortality rate.

Height and Weight of Greyhound German Shepherd Mix

The Greyhound German Shepherd Mix is a medium-sized dog, but he could be mistaken for a large dog because of his strong build. He’s also considered a large dog because of his height and weight. He usually weighs around 50 pounds, but can weigh as much as 65 pounds or more when fully grown.

The average height of male Greyhound German Shepherd Mixes ranges from 24 to 27 inches tall at the shoulder and females are usually 23-26 inches tall at the shoulder.

Greyhound German Shepherd Mix Appearance and Color Variations

  • The Greyhound German Shepherd Mix is a medium sized dog which has a well-defined body.

  • It has long legs and a long neck.

  • Its feet are compact and oval shaped with black nails.

  • It has a square muzzle with tight lips and its ears are of medium length and erect at the back of its head but slightly rounded at their tips.

Greyhound German Shepherd Mix Personality

If you are looking for a dog who is loyal, intelligent and easy to train, then consider the Greyhound German Shepherd Mix. This crossbreed is also good with children and other pets. In addition to being an excellent guard dog, the Greyhound German Shepherd Mix makes an excellent companion.

Greyhound German Shepherd Mix Temperament

You might want to consider getting a Greyhound German Shepherd Mix if you want a loyal, loving and affectionate dog. This breed is also very intelligent, which makes it easy to train. The Greyhound German Shepherd Mix is playful and has a lot of energy which means that you should have time to exercise your dog daily.

The Greyhound German Shepherd Mix can make for a great family dog as they are friendly towards people and other animals. They love children but may be too energetic for young kids who cannot walk yet or jump up on them without the proper training in place first! The Greyhound German Shepherd mix will alert you when there's someone at the door or any other unusual noises such as smoke alarms going off because they're so protective over their territory - this makes them ideal watchdogs too!

What’s the price of Greyhound German Shepherd Mix?

The price of a Greyhound German Shepherd mix dog varies from breeder to breeder and is dependent on the location in which you live. A puppy from a well-established, reputable breeder can cost anywhere from $500 to $1,000. The average price for an adult Greyhound German Shepherd mix is around $300-$450.

Pros of Greyhound German Shepherd Mix

As a hybrid, the Greyhound German Shepherd Mix will be a great addition to your family. They are very loyal and affectionate, which means they will provide lots of love for you and your family. They are also very protective, so if you have other pets or small children in your home, this is a great mix because it helps ensure everyone's safety. These dogs can make great guard dogs due to their size and strength as well as their courage and bravery.

The Greyhound German Shepherd Mix is also very intelligent! This breed learns new things quickly and easily so training them isn't too difficult at all! If you want to teach your new puppy some tricks or have him learn how to sit on command then he'll be able to pick up those things within just a few days time because of his intelligence level being quite high compared towards other dog breeds out there today (which makes him perfect for families). In addition

Cons of Greyhound German Shepherd Mix

Now that we’ve covered some of the pros and cons of this mix, let’s go into more detail about each.

  • Greyhound German Shepherd Mix can be stubborn: This is a general characteristic of both breeds, but especially common in Greyhounds. They don’t like to be told what to do, especially if you were the one who was telling them what to do in the first place! And when they do decide they want to listen, it will take time for them to learn your rules and expectations. You may need patience while they figure out what you want from them and how best they can achieve those goals.

  • Greyhound German Shepherd Mix can be aggressive: While this isn't always true (there are plenty of sweet dogs!), there have been reports of aggression among some GSDs. If your dog shows signs of aggression towards other people or animals (barking at them aggressively), consider finding a trainer who specializes in behavior modification techniques before you bring home your pet so he/she doesn't pass along bad habits from previous homes or breeders.*

Diet and nutrition of Greyhound German Shepherd Mix

Greyhounds are prone to bloat, so it's important to feed them a diet that is low in fiber. If you're looking for food for your Greyhound German Shepherd mix, there are many high-quality foods on the market. It's important to look for a grain-free formula with plenty of protein and omega fatty acids (this will help keep their skin healthy). You should also make sure that the food you choose has high digestibility—this ensures that your dog isn't getting too much waste in her system as she digests her meals.


Regular brushing is a must for your Greyhound German Shepherd mix. A simple brush like an all-purpose brush, or a pin brush can help control shedding and keep them looking their best. You should also use a slicker brush to get out any mats that may have formed in their coat.

Greyhounds are known for being quite active dogs, so be prepared to give them plenty of exercise every day. If you have space in your home, make sure you’ve got the room for a dog bed or two (so they don’t have to share) and some toys that make noise or squeak when chewed on; this will help your Greyhound German Shepherd mix stay entertained while you’re not home. They can also be trained as service dogs if they are energetic enough!


As a dog owner, it is important to be aware of your pet’s exercise needs. A German Shepherd Greyhound Mix needs many hours of exercise each day. Daily walks and/or playtime are great ways to provide exercise for your Greyhound German Shepherd Mix. You can also take them outside in the yard or bring them on trips to the park or beach to run around freely.

When you plan how much time you will spend exercising with your pup, consider how much energy they have at different points during the day and adjust accordingly so that they don’t get overexerted!


The Greyhound German Shepherd Mix is an intelligent dog, and training him or her won't be difficult. You can teach your Greyhound German Shepherd Mix to sit, stay, and come on command. Some may need a bit more patience than others when it comes to learning new tricks, but the breed is generally eager to please their masters.

If you are looking for a dog that will challenge you mentally and physically, then a Greyhound German Shepherd Mix may be the right choice for you! These dogs love being active; they need plenty of exercise so they can keep themselves busy while their owners are away at work or school each day. They also enjoy playing games such as fetch with their favorite ball or chew toy in order keep their minds sharp as well!

The biggest challenge with owning this type of pup? Teaching them when not too much exercise is needed... especially if he hasn't exercised enough already during play time outside with other pets nearby who might also be running around excitedly too quickly causing injuries like broken bones due to impact injuries from falling down from high places onto hard surfaces (elderly people sometimes get injured too).


Greyhound German Shepherd Mix dogs need to be groomed regularly, but not as often as other large breeds. Their coats will shed, especially if they have a lot of hair between the toes or on their legs and paws.

A bath is not necessary for Greyhound German Shepherd Mix dogs unless they get really dirty or smelly from playing outside in the mud or things like that; however, it can be beneficial if you have time to give them one because this will help keep them clean and healthy looking without making them feel uncomfortable about getting wet all over again!

Greyhound German Shepherd Mix FAQs

How often should you bathe a Greyhound German Shepherd Mix?

Greyhounds are not a breed that requires frequent bathing. As long as you keep their fur clean and dry, they will smell fine without having to bathe them too often.

If your Greyhound German Shepherd Mix is getting dirty, then you should consider giving him a bath once a week in the summer months and three or four times during the colder seasons. He can be given baths more often than this if he gets really dirty or messy somehow.

It's important to use dog shampoo when bathing your Greyhound German Shepherd Mix because human shampoos usually contain ingredients that are harmful for dogs' skin and fur. You should also use some sort of conditioner after every wash as well since it will help keep his coat shiny and silky smooth throughout the week!

Are the Greyhound German Shepherd Mix dogs good for families?

The Greyhound German Shepherd Mix is a friendly, loyal and affectionate dog breed. This dog breed does not have problems with aggression, but it’s important to take into account that these dogs need some time to get used to new situations. If you want a dog that’s good with children, then the Greyhound German Shepherd Mix is perfect for you! This dog breed doesn’t bark too much which makes it ideal if you live in an apartment or condo building where your neighbors may complain about excessive barking.

If you want a dog who is high maintenance then the Greyhound German Shepherd Mix probably isn't right for you because they don't require constant grooming like other breeds do (i.e., brushing their coats every week). The only thing they might need help with is keeping their nails trimmed regularly so they don't scratch up any furniture or floors in your house when running around excitedly!

Dose Greyhound German Shepherd Mix get along with other pets?

When it comes to how well Greyhound German Shepherd Mix dogs get along with other pets, this is an excellent breed to own. They are laid-back and easygoing, which means they'll get along just fine with your cat or dog. The only exception would be if you have a cat that's territorial or aggressive toward other animals (this doesn't mean all cats are like this!). If that's the case, then you may want to consider getting another type of dog instead.

For kids and elderly people: The good news is that Greyhound German Shepherd Mix dogs are friendly toward both children and senior citizens! Just make sure the kids understand not to pull on the dog's tail or ears because it might hurt them. Also keep in mind that these dogs can jump high so make sure there are no low tables or counters around when they're around children.

Do Greyhound German Shepherd Mix bark a lot?

Greyhound German Shepherd Mix are not known to be barkers, but they can be loud when they want to be. Greyhound German Shepherd Mix can sound like a pack of dogs when they get excited and will often bark at other dogs or people in the street. However, these dogs tend to quiet down at night, so if you're looking for a dog that doesn't make too much noise, this might be the right breed for you!

Are Greyhound German Shepherd Mix dogs aggressive?

The Greyhound German Shepherd mix is a great choice for families with children. They are loving and friendly dogs that bond deeply with their people. This breed loves to be part of the family, so it’s important to make sure your kids are comfortable around pets before bringing one home. If you have other animals at home, the Greyhound German Shepherd mix will likely get along well with them as well!

Greyhounds are often described as having “doggie personalities,” meaning they can be shy or reserved around strangers or new situations but warm up quickly once they feel safe and secure in their environment. Because of this quality, most Greyhound German Shepherd mixes do very well in homes where there might be frequent visitors such as grandparents visiting on weekends or close friends stopping by during the week for coffee breaks or nights out together.

Are Greyhound German Shepherd Mix dogs high maintenance?

The German Shepherd is a high-maintenance dog in general, as they require frequent brushing, bathing and grooming. Their coats are long and thick, but they shed minimally compared to other breeds. The Greyhound's coat is short and smooth, so the minimum amount of maintenance required for the dog is much less than that required by its German Shepherd parent. However, it's still important to brush your Greyhound regularly with soft brushes meant for dogs (never use human brushes) and trim their nails once or twice a month if necessary. As mentioned before, regular baths will help keep your Greyhound smelling fresh!

Do Greyhound German Shepherd Mix shed?

Greyhound German Shepherd Mix are not known to shed a lot, which is good news for people who don’t want to spend their weekends vacuuming up fur. The average dog sheds about 150 hairs per day, but Greyhound German Shepherd Mix may shed less than that. Although you can expect some hair around the house, it will still be much less than other breeds.

How smart is a Greyhound German Shepherd Mix?

The Greyhound German Shepherd Mix is a smart dog. The Greyhound German Shepherd Mix has a very high IQ and can learn quickly. It's great at problem solving and easy to train, too.

Are Greyhound German Shepherd Mix dogs good walking dogs?

If you have a love for the outdoors, then Greyhound German Shepherd Mix dogs are excellent walking dogs. These dogs are very energetic and love to run, so if you're looking for a dog that will keep up with you on long runs through the park or jog by your side, this is the perfect breed for you! They’re also good at jogging because their energy level is so high—they were bred to run alongside horse-drawn carts while carrying messages across Europe. If you spend a lot of time outside with your pup but don't have much time to take care of him inside, this breed would be an excellent choice.

Can Greyhound German Shepherd Mix swim?

Yes, Greyhounds are able to swim. However, they really don’t like water and prefer to stay dry and clean at all times. If you get them wet, they will try to shake the water off as quickly as possible so they can get back out of the pool or lake.

Do Greyhound German Shepherd Mix like to cuddle?

One of the most important things to consider when thinking about a Greyhound German Shepherd Mix is how much they like to cuddle. Greyhounds are very affectionate dogs and love to cuddle with their owners. They also like to play with their owners, which makes them great for kids. They are very intelligent dogs and can be trained to perform tricks, making them wonderful companions for children who like having “fun” activities on hand at all times!

A popular misconception about these mixes is that they don't make good guard dogs because they're too friendly—but this couldn't be further from the truth! Although these mixes are outgoing by nature and may seem friendly toward strangers at first glance (especially if you've fed them treats), once they know who you are and start realizing that you have food in your pocket... watch out! You'll suddenly find yourself surrounded by several hungry mouths with sharp teeth trying desperately not just one but two get some treats out of those pockets...

Are Greyhound German Shepherd Mix dogs clingy?

This is a common misconception. Yes, the Greyhound German Shepherd Mix will be affectionate with you, but they are not clingy. They enjoy spending time with their owners and would rather be in the same room than alone in another room. If you have other pets or children, your Greyhound German Shepherd Mix will love interacting with them too!

In addition to being quite sociable, these dogs are also very active. Their exercise needs are moderate compared to some breeds but high enough that they need plenty of time outside every day. They will enjoy going on walks and playing fetch or other games where they can run around freely and tire themselves out enough so that they won’t constantly want attention from you throughout the day!

Are Greyhound German Shepherd Mix dogs good house dogs?

If you're looking for a great house dog, then the Greyhound German Shepherd Mix might be your best bet. These dogs are affectionate and loyal, intelligent and easy to train, and they have plenty of energy that needs to be burned off. However, they don't do well with children.

Because of their size—they can grow up to over 100 pounds—Greyhound German Shepherd Mixes need quite a bit of exercise if they're going to stay healthy. So unless you have a backyard big enough for your new family member to roam freely in while you're away at work all day (or school), you'll need to make plans on how you'll fulfill their need for exercise every single day!

Are Greyhound German Shepherd Mix dogs hypoallergenic?

A Greyhound German Shepherd Mix dog is a hypoallergenic choice for people with allergies. These dogs shed very little and have hair as opposed to fur, so they're much easier on your skin than other breeds.

If you suffer from allergies and want a canine companion that won't aggravate them, a Greyhound German Shepherd Mix might be the perfect fit for you!


The Greyhound German Shepherd Mix is a beautiful dog that can make a great companion for your family. They are affectionate, intelligent and loyal. They enjoy being around people, but also need their alone time as well. So if you’re looking for a dog who will be both playful and protective of their owners then this might just be it!

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