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French Spaniel

November 01, 2022 13 min read

French Spaniel


The French Spaniel is a breed of dog that was bred in France. It is known for its long ears, short legs and silky coat. The coat of a French Spaniel is either straight or wavy but never curly. The ears are small and round with upright tips and hang over their face giving them an alert look even when they are not moving much. Their nose is always black but if it has another color like brown then it’s called “mixed-colored” or “parti-colored” while the eyes can be amber, chestnut or brown depending on what color suits your personality better!

French Spaniel Breed overview

The French Spaniel is a small dog that measures between 12 and 15 inches (30 to 38 cm) at the shoulder. It is a member of the toy group and was developed in France as a companion dog. The French Spaniel is known to be an intelligent dog that can live happily with other dogs and cats, making it an excellent family pet.

Characteristics of the French Spaniel

The French Spaniel is a small dog breed that is popular as an affectionate family pet. They have a long and silky coat and their muzzle is long and flat. Their eyes are large, dark, expressive, and alert.

History of the French Spaniel

The French Spaniel is a medium sized dog that was developed in France. The name of this breed is derived from the fact that it was developed by French hunters and fishermen, who used them to catch rabbits and birds.

The first written descriptions of the breed can be traced back to 1576, but even before then there were paintings depicting dogs with similar characteristics as French Spaniels. They have been bred since before 1650 at least and are thought to have been influenced by both Spanish Water Dogs (also called Barbets) and Poodles, as well as other breeds like Setters, Bloodhounds, Basset Hounds and Fox Terriers. This means that almost any type of dog with long hair could potentially contribute towards creating a modern day French Spaniel!

It’s thought that these dogs were initially bred purely for hunting purposes; however over time they became more popular amongst owners who wanted something small enough to keep indoors while still remaining lively enough for walks around the neighborhood! When Marie Antoinette moved from Austria she brought several with her across Europe where they spread like wild fire thanks to their friendly nature - especially amongst children!


The French Spaniel can live up to 15 years, with the average lifespan being 10-12 years. They typically have a longer lifespan than many other dog breeds and are generally considered healthy dogs who can live active lives well into their senior years.

French Spaniel for sale

Height and Weight of French Spaniel

The height and weight of the French Spaniel is rather small. The average height of a male french spaniel ranges from 12 to 15 inches, while the average weight is somewhere between 18-30 pounds. A female french spaniel may be slightly smaller in size than its male counterpart, but will still have an approximate height range of 10-13 inches, while weighing between 17-35 pounds on average.

French Spaniels are energetic dogs who require regular exercise and playtime outside. They enjoy walks around the neighborhood or trips to dog parks where they can socialize with other dogs, but if you don't have time for that kind of activity every day then you might not enjoy having this breed around as much as some others would!

French Spaniel Appearance and Color Variations

French Spannies come in a variety of colors. They can have gold, apricot, black and tan, white or red coat. The Fawn French Spaniel is a bit rarer than the others but they are still very beautiful!

The handsome dogs also come in different shades of black and white; some may have brown eyes while others have blue or brown eyes.

French Spaniel Personality

The French Spaniel is a friendly, energetic and affectionate breed. This spaniel loves to play and be around people. He craves attention and affection from those around him, but he also has an independent streak that can make training difficult at times. He loves being pampered by you, whether it's through brushing his coat or letting him relax on your lap while you watch TV or read a book (he'll likely snuggle up with his head in your lap).

French Spaniel Temperament

The French Spaniel temperament is friendly, playful and affectionate. They are good with children and other pets, making them a great family dog. The French Spaniel is very intelligent and easy to train which makes them a great companion for novice dog owners. They are loyal and protective of their family so they make an excellent watchdog as well.

Where to adopt or buy a French Spaniel?

The French Spaniel is a breed that can be adopted or purchased from certain pet stores. The price of a French Spaniel ranges between $200 and $500. You can also find them at shelters, humane societies, or rescue organizations.

What’s the price of French Spaniel?

The price of French Spaniel depends on the breeder, location and the size of the dog. The average price is $600-$1000 but it can be higher or lower depending on the breeder and location.

For example, if you buy from a breeder in Texas then your French Spaniel will cost more than if you buy from one in California because there are different sales tax rates across America.

Pros of French Spaniel

  • French Spaniel is a good family dog.

  • French Spaniel is good around children.

  • French Spaniel is good around other pets.

  • French Spaniel is easy to train, which makes them an excellent choice for first-time owners and their families.

  • They are very loyal to their owners, making them great dogs for apartment living because they don't need much exercise and won't get lost in the yard if you let them out to do their business on a regular basis (though keep in mind that this breed will not be able to run after balls or jump up onto couches). In addition, unlike many other breeds that need training sessions daily or even multiple times per day due to separation anxiety issues caused by being alone at home all day without human interaction, this breed doesn't seem too bothered by being left alone while its owner works during the day - though it still helps if someone comes home every few hours just so they don't feel abandoned!

Cons of French Spaniel

There are some downsides to owning a French Spaniel. These dogs can be stubborn, and they don't always listen well. It's important for you to be consistent with training, especially when it comes to commands like "sit." Many people find that their French Spaniel learns faster if they incorporate rewards into the process.

It can also be difficult to get through your day-to-day tasks while taking care of your dog—especially if you have allergies! Allergies are more common in people who own dogs than those who do not, so if this is an issue for you then maybe consider getting a different breed of dog.

If you work long hours or travel frequently, then the French Spaniel might not be the best choice for your lifestyle either because it needs attention and exercise every day (and night).

French Spaniel head image

Things to know if you own a French Spaniel

French Spaniel is a great family dog for those who are looking for a loyal and playful companion. French Spaniels are affectionate, intelligent and playful. They’re also easy to train, making them an excellent choice for beginner dog owners.

Diet and nutrition of French Spaniel

The French Spaniel is a small dog breed, so they don't need as much food as larger dogs. Like all other breeds of dogs, it's important to watch out for food allergies and ensure that you're feeding your French Spaniel high-quality foods that will help keep them healthy. This pet parent guide will cover their diet and nutrition needs in more detail.

As with anything else related to the health of your pet, it's up to you to decide what type of diet is right for them. But if you're looking for some guidance on what kind of food would work best, here are some tips:


The French Spaniel is a very beautiful dog. However, it is also a high-maintenance breed that requires daily exercise and grooming. If you don't have time to give your dog the care it needs, then this is not the right dog for you.

Unfortunately, many French Spaniels are surrendered to shelters because their owners didn't realize how much work they would be or they got bored with them after awhile. Your job as an owner is make sure everyone in your home understands that these dogs need proper care and attention every day of their lives.


French Spaniel need moderate exercise. They can live in an apartment if they get enough exercise indoors.

They should be taken on a daily walk or allowed to run free in a safe area.


French Spaniel is a very intelligent dog and it is easy to train. The French Spaniel requires little grooming, but can be prone to ear infections if not kept clean. The French Spaniel makes a loyal family pet and is good with children, though some may nip at the heels of younger children who are not yet aware of the dog's size. They need plenty of exercise as they have an inherent need to run and play, but will adapt well living in an apartment or an average-sized house with a yard if given long daily walks or jogs on weekends.


You may be surprised to learn that French Spaniel grooming is easy. If you want your dog to look its best and feel comfortable, you'll need to brush it regularly and give it baths when necessary. It's also important for French Spaniel owners to trim their pets' nails every few months and dry them after bathing them.

French Spaniel for sale

French Spaniel FAQs

How often should you bathe a French Spaniel?

  • Bathing a French Spaniel dog is a very low-maintenance task. You should only bathe your dog once every month or so, and should use a gentle shampoo that is made for dogs instead of people. Make sure to use a soft brush or comb to clean the coat after you bathe it, as well.

  • Do not apply conditioner when you are washing your pet's fur with shampoo, because this will make the coat too oily and sticky—this can be uncomfortable for the dog and even cause skin irritation in some cases! Instead of using conditioner, go over the entire body with just plain water before drying off with a towel; this will leave behind just enough moisture in order to keep your French Spaniel's fur shiny but not at all greasy-looking (which would be gross).

Are the French Spaniel dogs good for families?

French Spaniel dogs are great for families. They are known to be gentle and kind, making them good with children and other pets. They also do well in apartments, so if you live in an apartment complex or somewhere without much space, the French Spaniel is a great option!

Dose French Spaniel get along with other pets?

The French Spaniel is a playful, loving dog that gets along well with other dogs and animals. It does not bark often or for long periods of time, which makes it a good watchdog for many homes. The French Spaniel can also be good with toddlers and children. If you have other dogs in your home that are friendly with each other, then there should be no problem adding the French Spaniel to your family as well!

The breed is known to do just fine in apartments and condos if they get enough exercise outside. They will need daily walks on the leash if they are going to be able to run around freely at home all day long; this will help keep their energy levels down so they don’t bark constantly when left alone at night (which is something most people tend not to like).

Do French Spaniel bark a lot?

No, French Spaniel are not barkers. They tend to be pretty quiet dogs, but they will let you know when they hear or see something that they think is worth your attention. They'll also bark if they're left alone for too long and get bored.

Are French Spaniels aggressive?

As you may have guessed from the name, French Spaniels are not aggressive. They are very playful and affectionate. They love children and other animals as well.

Since they are so friendly and gentle, French Spaniels make great pets for families with children, but they also make good companions for single people or couples who want a dog that can play with them but won't get into trouble if left alone while they're at work all day long.

Are French Spaniels high maintenance?

French Spaniels are high maintenance dogs. They need regular brushing and bathing, as well as being fed a good diet. Their coats should be brushed at least once per week with a pin brush or slicker brush, which will help prevent tangles and matting. If you notice that your dog is starting to have tangles in their coat, it’s time for a bath!

French Spaniels are also prone to skin problems such as hot spots and itching due to allergies or dry skin; they will need the same treatment as any other dog with these issues (which could include medicated shampoos). Be sure that you’re keeping up with their grooming needs so that they don’t get too matted or messy looking; this will make them much more comfortable overall!

French Spaniel walking on the lawn

Do French Spaniel shed?

French Spaniel are not heavy shedders. They only shed seasonally, which means their shedding frequency is less than other dogs.

How smart is a French Spaniel?

French Spaniel is a very smart dog. They learn commands easily and can even be trained to do some tricks like fetching, playing dead and more.

French spaniels are often used as watchdogs because of their high level of alertness. They bark at strangers or strange sounds outside the house so it’s important to give them proper training when you bring one home so that they don’t bark unnecessarily at passersby or visitors you want to welcome into your home.

The French Spaniel is a great family pet because of its friendly nature and gentle temperament towards children. They love being around people, but will also go along quietly with their owners if left alone for a few hours each day while they work or study in school/college respectively; thus making them excellent companions for students who live away from home during term time!

Are French Spaniels good walking dogs?

French Spaniel are not the best walking dogs. If you want a dog that will happily walk with you for miles, this breed is not for you. The French Spaniel is perfect for people who live in apartments or small homes, as they don't require much exercise. They can live indoors or outdoors and are adaptable to both climates if well-trained early on in life.

Can French Spaniel swim?

French Spaniel dogs are a medium-sized breed of dog, which means they can swim. French Spaniel dogs love the water and enjoy swimming in lakes, rivers, or oceans. They will do best in any shallow body of water that is warmer than 60º F (15º C).

If you want to teach your French Spaniel how to swim, it's best to start training him when he's young—ideally not more than 6 months old—and keep sessions short at first so that he doesn't get tired out too quickly. If your dog gets frustrated while learning how to swim, stop the lesson there and try again later on another day when he seems more relaxed and ready for training.

Although some people worry about their dog getting injured while participating in activities like swimming or boating with them, this breed is very strong physically but also has a sensitive nature so owners should be especially careful about overdoing it with their pet when out on adventures together!

Do French Spaniel like to cuddle?

French Spaniel do love to cuddle and snuggle with their owners. They are affectionate and laid-back dogs that thrive on human companionship. Unlike some other breeds, the French Spaniel are not aggressive or territorial by nature. They can be a bit shy at first, but they will quickly warm up to new people once they get used to their surroundings.

This breed does have a tendency to bark when it senses danger or hears unusual noises such as thunderstorms or fireworks. However, French Spaniels rarely ever growl or bite unless provoked by another animal in an aggressive way (and even then this is uncommon).

Are French Spaniels clingy?

No, the French Spaniel is not a dog who likes to be held or snuggled. They are fine if you want to cuddle with them, but they will quickly go back to doing their own thing. This breed prefers being around people, but they don't need constant attention or constant supervision. If you're looking for a lap dog that needs attention all the time, this isn't your breed!

Are French Spaniel good with kids?

Yes! The French Spaniel is very friendly towards children and can be very patient while playing games with them or even taking part in activities like schoolwork or homework (if your child has tasks that require help). A well-socialized puppy will do great around kids no matter how young they are; however, since puppies do still have developing personalities it's important that older children understand how fragile these puppies can be until fully grown up so as not hurt them accidentally by being too rough during playtime together

Are French Spaniels good house dogs?

French Spaniel are good house dogs.

French Spaniels are not hypoallergenic, but they do have a low shedding rate. These dogs are good with other pets and children, but they may nip at your cat's tail or run out the door to play with your neighbor's dog. They can be trained to avoid these behaviors by using positive reinforcement training methods such as clicker training or positive reinforcement through food rewards like treats or kibble.

French Spaniels make great watchdogs because they tend to bark when someone comes into the house unannounced, which is what you want if you're home alone most of the time! However, French Spaniels aren't great guard dogs because their body structure makes them susceptible to injury from larger animals such as wolves or coyotes that could break into your yard looking for food (or perhaps even an easy meal).

French Spaniel sitting on the grass

Are French Spaniels hypoallergenic?

Yes, French Spaniel are hypoallergenic and non-shedding. So if you’re looking for a dog that won’t trigger your allergies, the French Spaniel should be your pick. That said, since all dogs shed some hair every day (and some more than others), it is possible that the French Spaniel could cause an allergic reaction in some people with severe allergies. If this is an issue for you and your family, talk to your doctor before bringing home a new FSp.


In conclusion, the French Spaniel is a wonderful breed. They are intelligent, loyal and affectionate dogs who make great companions. The French Spaniel is a very popular dog because they are easy to train and have an excellent temperament with children and other pets.

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