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Czechoslovakian VIcak

October 27, 2022 12 min read

Czechoslovakian VIcak


The Czechoslovakian VIcak is a very energetic and playful dog. It's not an ideal choice for families with young kids or elderly people because it needs lots of exercise and attention. A Czechoslovakian VIcak will also need some training to ensure that its hyperactive nature doesn't get out of hand. But if you're looking for an active companion that can keep up with you on hikes or long walks, then the Czechoslovakian VIcak might be just what you need!

Czechoslovakian VIcak Breed overview

Czechoslovakian VIcaks are an ancient breed of hunting dog that originated in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. The breed was originally bred for hunting small game, including rabbits, foxes, and deer. Today they can be found working with their owners on farms or playing around town.

Czechoslovakian VIcaks have been around for centuries; there are records of them being used by noblemen as far back as the 15th century. They were prized for their ability to hunt both large and small game thanks to their size (medium-sized), intelligence, loyalty, strength in numbers (they’re pack animals), high prey drive (hunting instinct) and endurance

Characteristics of the Czechoslovakian VIcak

Czechoslovakian VIcak is a medium sized dog with a broad head, rounded muzzle, and large nose. The ears are triangular in shape and set low on the head. This breed has an athletic body that is strong but not heavily built.

The Czechoslovakian VIcak is very friendly toward people of all ages, including strangers and children. They are also good with other dogs as long as they are socialized early on in life.

The Czechoslovakian VIcak can be compared to other breeds such as the German Shepherd or Belgian Malinois when it comes to intelligence because this breed was bred specifically for intelligence by Czechoslovakia’s police force during World War II

History of the Czechoslovakian VIcak

The Czechoslovakian VIcak is a rare breed of hunting dog, and was developed by crossing the Slovakian Hound and the German Shorthaired Pointer. The Czechoslovakian VIcak is a medium-sized dog with dark brown hair; their eyes are typically either brown or hazel. They have an independent nature and make great companions for people who love to spend time outdoors or who enjoy hunting or other outdoor activities.


The average lifespan of the Czechoslovakian VIcak is between 12 and 14 years. This means that you can expect your pet to live around that range, but it's not guaranteed. The most common cause of death in this breed is cancer, followed by old age and heart failure.

Czechoslovakian VIcak wet her fur

Height and Weight of Czechoslovakian VIcak

The Czechoslovakian VIcak is a medium-sized dog, weighing between 44-55 lbs. and standing 17 to 21 inches at the shoulder.

Czechoslovakian VIcak Appearance and Color Variations

Czechoslovakian VIcaks come in a variety of colors.

  • Black: This is the most common color for Czechoslovakian VIcaks, and it is also the most popular one among owners.

  • Brown: If you want to get a dog that looks like its name suggests, consider getting a brown-colored Czechoslovakian VIcak! They are very similar to their black counterparts but have brown markings on their coats instead of black ones.

  • White or Gray: You can also find some white or gray-coated Czechoslovakians if you look hard enough; they're not as common as brown or black ones though!

Czechoslovakian VIcak Personality

  • Curious: This dog is inquisitive, which means it has a tendency to want to explore the world around it.

  • Playful: This breed loves to play with other dogs, but it may not always be great at letting the other dog win during playtime.

  • Intelligent: The Czechoslovakian Vlcak can easily learn new tricks and commands from its owner with some patience and practice on your part!

  • Loyal: You'll find that this breed will do anything for you if you are his/her favorite person in the world, making them an excellent choice for families with small children or other pets who need lots of love and attention every day. * Friendly: Just like any friendly dog breed out there today; they're going to want nothing more than make friends with everyone around them including children! If a child cries over something silly then they might just join in too! They're very good listeners when people talk about their problems too so if someone needs someone else then chances are good that this dog will follow along as well :).

Czechoslovakian VIcak Temperament

Czechoslovakian VIcaks are very loyal and affectionate. While they may be suspicious of strangers, they are friendly with family members, other dogs and children. They should be regularly socialized to ensure that they get along well with everyone, including the people who live in your home.

Czechoslovakian VIcaks are naturally protective of their owners, which makes them good watchdogs. However, they need to be trained not to bark excessively or become aggressive toward humans and other animals unless provoked or defending their owner's property (or themselves).

Czechoslovakian VIcaks have been bred over centuries to be intelligent dogs with an innate desire to please their owners — traits that make them easy trainable for both basic commands like "sit" and more complex tasks such as hunting game birds or tracking down criminals on foot patrol duty during World War II when Allied forces were fighting Nazi Germany across much of Europe from 1939 until 1945 when Germany surrendered unconditionally ending hostilities between nations fighting each other throughout most parts of Western Europe after defeating France at sea at Aboukir Bay near Alexandria where Napoleon Bonaparte was imprisoned in 1815 before escaping from prison in 1840 but being sentenced again after being recaptured by British troops under General Charles Napier at Port Said near Suez Canal where Egyptians revolted against Ottoman rule

What’s the price of Czechoslovakian VIcak?

The price of the Czechoslovakian VIcak depends on the breeder and the dog. It usually ranges from $600 to $1500. The higher end of that range is reserved for purebred dogs (whose parents have been tested to make sure they don’t carry any genetic defects), while your average mutt may not hit quite that high.

Pros of Czechoslovakian VIcak

  • Czechoslovakian VIcak are playful, which makes them great for families with kids.

  • They're good guard dogs, so if you want to protect your property and family from intruders, this is the breed for you.

  • They're loyal—even when they don't know who they're loyal to (which can be a problem).

  • Their intelligence means that they're easy to train and make excellent companions.

Cons of Czechoslovakian VIcak

You might be wondering if there are any disadvantages to the Czechoslovakian VIcak. Of course, nothing is perfect. Here are some of the drawbacks:

  • The lack of a tail can make it difficult for you to use it as a makeshift backscratcher for your friends and family members.

  • It does not come in any color other than black or brown (unless you want a custom-made one).

  • There's no way to get rid of the smell once it gets on your hands, so be sure to wash them thoroughly when you're done using it!

Czechoslovakian VIcak puppy for sale

Things to know if you own a Czechoslovakian VIcak

If you have a Czechoslovakian VIcak, here are some things to know:

  • Czechoslovakian VIcaks are intelligent, but they can be stubborn.

  • Czechoslovakian VIcaks are good watchdogs, but they can be noisy.

  • Czechoslovakian VIcaks need a lot of exercise.

Diet and nutrition of Czechoslovakian VIcak

Czechoslovakian VIcaks are prone to obesity, so it's important to feed them high quality dog food. In addition, they should be fed twice a day.


Czechoslovakian VIcak is a very fun and playful dog. With proper care and training, he can be an excellent companion to his owner. He has a strong hunting instinct and may not do well if left outside all the time. He does not like being alone for long periods of time and will most likely join you when ever you go out for a walk or run errands around town.

He needs plenty of exercise every day along with regular grooming sessions to make sure his coat stays healthy and shiny at all times!


Czechoslovakian VIcaks are energetic dogs who need a lot of exercise, especially if they live with young children. They make excellent hunting and tracking dogs, as well as agility and obedience competitors. If you decide to train your Czechoslovakian VIcak for agility or obedience competitions, it's crucial that you start early and keep training fun for both you and your dog.

Czechoslovakian VIcaks also love to dig! Don't let this discourage you from getting one; just be prepared for the occasional hole in your yard that could possibly swallow up your child's favorite toy or even their foot as they play outside all day long (and night).


Training for the VICAK is an important part of a SEAL’s career. The training focuses on providing the experience needed to use this weapon effectively and safely in combat situations.

A sailor must have a minimum of two years experience with an M16 or similar weapon before starting training on the VICAK. The first week of training includes classroom instruction and required reading, followed by live fire exercises using fully automatic weapons in controlled environments. During this period, students will also learn about safety procedures when handling weapons which are capable of firing many rounds per minute without reloading, as well as maintenance requirements that apply specifically to these types of weapons


The Czechoslovakian VIcak is a high maintenance dog. This means that you will need to dedicate more time than usual to grooming your pet, and it's also going to cost more money for the necessary tools like grooming supplies (i.e., brushes, shampoos and conditioners). The following are some tips on how to keep this breed looking its best:

  • Brushing: Every day or every other day is ideal; however, if you don't have the time or the energy, then brushing once a week should be sufficient as long as they are not shedding heavily

  • Bathing: If your dog gets dirty outdoors (from rolling around in mud etc.), give it a bath immediately after coming inside. Otherwise there's no need unless he starts smelling bad!

  • Nail trimming: Once every two weeks should suffice here; be sure not cut too short or too long otherwise it'll hurt them later on when walking around outside again. * Ear cleaning: Dogs can get ear infections easily so check them regularly by using cotton swabs dipped in water only--no soap!!

Czechoslovakian VIcak FAQs

How often should you bathe a Czechoslovakian VIcak?

It’s important to bathe your Czechoslovakian VIcak at least once a week. While this may sound like a lot, it’s actually quite reasonable—they are very dirty creatures and need help keeping themselves clean. If you notice that they are getting smelly or their coat is starting to look dull, then you should bathe them more often than once per week.

Czechoslovakian VIcak sitting on the lawn with leash

Are the Czechoslovakian VIcak dogs good for families?

Czechoslovakian VIcak dogs are great for families. They are very affectionate and love to play with children, so they make ideal pets for those who have young kids. However, you should always supervise your child when they play with the Czechoslovakian VIcak just in case either of them get overexcited and hurt each other.

Dose Czechoslovakian VIcak get along with other pets?

Czechoslovakian VIcak is a friendly dog and can get along with other pets. However, it will have to be trained to coexist with them. It should not be left alone with other dogs as that could lead to aggressive behavior.

Do Czechoslovakian VIcak bark a lot?

Czechoslovakian VIcaks are not barkers. They are not yappers, screamers or howlers. In fact, Czechoslovakian VIcaks have been known to be very quiet dogs. This is because they are usually more interested in finding a comfortable place to lay down than barking at the mailman.

Are Czechoslovakian VIcaks aggressive?

The answer is a clear “no”. These dogs are very friendly and social, which makes them ideal for families with small children and other pets. They can live happily with other dogs or even cats if they are introduced to them at an early age. The same is true for people: the Czechoslovakian VIcak has no need to be aggressive towards them either!

Are Czechoslovakian VIcaks high maintenance?

No. Czechoslovakian VIcaks are notorious for being low maintenance. When your dog is free to roam the house, it can be easy to forget about them and let them fend for themselves as they please. This is not a mistake you should make with your Czechoslovakian Vicak however, as they will not take well to neglect or maltreatment of any kind. A healthy diet, regular exercise and ample time spent with their owner is best practice when it comes to raising a happy and healthy Czechoslovakian Vicak!

Czechoslovakian VIcak play in the snow

Do Czechoslovakian VIcak shed?

Czechoslovakian VIcaks are not hypoallergenic, but neither are they extremely prone to shedding. The breed sheds a moderate amount of hair throughout the year, meaning that you may need to vacuum your home more often than usual when you get a Czechoslovakian VIcak puppy.

However, they do not have a lot of hair and grooming will not take up too much of your time. Their coat is long and thick, but it tends to be fairly soft and silky in texture as well.

How smart is a Czechoslovakian VIcak?

The Czechoslovakian VIcak is a smart dog. The Czechoslovakian VIcak is an intelligent dog. The Czechoslovakian VIcak has the ability to learn quickly and can be trained easily, which makes them great companions as well as working dogs in some cases, such as search and rescue or police work.

Are Czechoslovakian VIcaks good walking dogs?

The Czechoslovakian VIcak is a good walking dog, as they are very active and energetic. They love to go on walks but also enjoy playing outside with their owners or other dogs in their family. The Czechoslovakian VIcak is not a couch potato by any means.

Can Czechoslovakian VIcak swim?

You can't go wrong with a Czechoslovakian VIcak. They're one of the best breeds for swimming, and they won't get scared by any water that gets in their eyes! You might even see them jumping into a pool or lake to cool off on hot summer days.

Do Czechoslovakian VIcak like to cuddle?

Czechoslovakian VIcaks are affectionate dogs, and they do like to cuddle. They love being close to their owner and they enjoy being petted and scratched behind their ears. They also like to lie on the couch with their human family members as well as sleep in bed with them at night.

Are Czechoslovakian VIcaks clingy?

Czechoslovakian VIcaks are very clingy and affectionate, so you can expect them to follow you everywhere. They also like to sit on your lap and curl up in your arms while they sleep. This can be a problem if you want to go somewhere that requires leaving the house, but it's not the end of the world! It just means that sometimes you'll have to make sacrifices for your pet's happiness.

Are Czechoslovakian VIcaks good house dogs?

If you live in an apartment and want a dog who will be happy to spend the day with you while you work, or if you want a family pet that everyone can enjoy, or if you want a dog that can go on adventures with you (provided he's well-trained), then yes! Czechoslovakian VIcaks are good house dogs.

The only caveat here is that it's important for owners of this breed to be consistent in their training and discipline—and this may be harder for people who work full-time jobs outside of the home. The most loving owners will also be the ones most likely to get frustrated when their dog doesn't behave as they would like him or her to. So if part-time work is more your speed, consider getting another breed instead—or make sure your apartment allows tenants' pets before bringing one home at all!

Czechoslovakian VIcak look at right

Are Czechoslovakian VIcaks hypoallergenic?

Czechoslovakian VIcaks are not hypoallergenic. They have fur, they shed, and they can have dander. Some people with allergies to dogs may be able to tolerate the Czechoslovakian VIcak because it doesn't shed as much as other breeds. However, this isn't a guarantee that you won't experience allergic symptoms from your pet. It's also worth noting that many people who claim their pets don't cause any problems find themselves sneezing after a few weeks!

The best way to know if your furry friend will work out for you is to do your research and make sure that you're not suffering from any allergies before bringing him home for good!


We hope this article has given you insight into the personality and character of the Czechoslovakian VIcak. If you are considering bringing home one of these dogs, be sure to do plenty of research on their breed characteristics and temperament.

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