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October 24, 2022 14 min read


The Chow Chow is a dog breed that has a thick coat. It originated in Northern China and Siberia, where it was used as a guard dog and hunting companion. The Chow Chow is known for its distinctive blue-black tongue and its foxlike head.

Chow Chow Dog Breed overview

The Chow Chow is a dog breed that originated from China. The Chow Chow can grow up to 30 inches or 76 centimeters and weigh up to 80 pounds or 36 kilograms. This medium-sized dog has an interesting coat which can be either red, blue, cinnamon, cream or black and white.

Chow Chows are known for being loyal companions and territorial dogs. They have been bred for this purpose for hundreds of years so they do make great guard dogs but they are also known as homebody breeds who prefer spending time indoors with their owners most of the time rather than outdoors exploring new surroundings like other breeds might do more often than not.

They are also very affectionate with people they know well so if you're considering bringing one into your home then expect lots of cuddling sessions on the couch watching TV together after work!

Characteristics of the Chow Chow

The Chow Chow is an independent and stubborn dog. Although he has a tendency to be aloof from strangers, he makes up for it by being very friendly with family members and other pets. He can become protective of his owner if he feels threatened or uncomfortable in new situations, but this behavior is not typical of the breed.

Chows are also very intelligent dogs that require plenty of mental stimulation to stay happy and engaged in life.

In addition to being playful and energetic, they're also known for their affectionate nature and loyalty—one reason why they've been called "man's best friend."

History of the Chow Chow

The Chow Chow is a large and muscular dog that originated in China. It was bred to be a guard for the Chinese palace, but it has since become more common as a companion pet in the Western world.

The breed is well known for its loyalty and devotion to its owner, but you may have heard some negative things about this breed too. Let's take a look at what makes this canine so special!


The average life expectancy of a Chow Chow dog is 12 to 14 years.

Chow Chows are medium-sized dogs, who weigh between 30 and 50 pounds when fully grown. They can be characterized by their thick coats that come in a variety of colors and patterns. Their eyes are sometimes blue or brown; however, the more common eye color for this breed is amber or light brown.

Chow Chow in the grass

Height and Weight of Chow Chow

The Chow Chow is a medium-sized dog breed, with males weighing between 50 and 70 pounds (22.7-32.5 kg) and females weighing between 40 and 60 pounds (18.1-27.2 kg).

Chow Chow Appearance and Color Variations

Chow chows have a thick double coat that's medium coarse and straight or slightly wavy. The outercoat is harsh and shaggy, while the undercoat is dense and wooly. Their coat may be any color—white, cream, red, black or brindle (a mixture of black with white markings).

Chow chows have a long, straight muzzle; flat face; broad skull; short, broad nose; and dark brown eyes that are obliquely set in their sockets.

Chow Chow Personality

The Chow Chow is a loyal, affectionate, and devoted companion. They are very protective of their families, but they can also be stubborn, independent and territorial.

Chow Chows are highly intelligent dogs that need consistent stimulation to prevent boredom from setting in. While they make excellent watchdogs (they're known for being able to detect changes in the weather), should strangers approach your home or yard you'll want to make sure your Chow isn't aggressive toward them—otherwise he might end up being considered dangerous by local authorities!

Chow Chow Temperament

The Chow Chow is a very loyal and independent dog. They love their family and will do anything to protect them. This makes them an excellent guard dog as they are not afraid of strangers or other animals, but they do look out for their "pack." The Chow Chow is also very intelligent which means you can train him easily if you are consistent with your training techniques. Finally, this breed has been known to be stubborn at times so you must be firm in your approach with this breed because he will not back down even if he knows he is wrong!

Where to adopt or buy a Chow Chow?

If you're looking to adopt a Chow Chow, your first stop should be your local shelter. You can also check out our list of breed-specific rescues; there may be one in your area that focuses on Chow Chows.

If you want to buy a puppy instead of adopting, it's important to do some research before purchasing from a breeder. Look for breeders who are members of the American Kennel Club (AKC), and make sure they have references for other people who have purchased dogs from them in the past.

What’s the price of Chow Chow?

The price of a Chow Chow can range from $400 to $3000, depending on the age and sex of the dog. It also depends on what color your Chow Chow is, as some colors are rarer than others. While this may seem like an intimidating number, there are many ways you can find a good deal on a Chow Chow puppy. If you want to get a dog for free or just spend $100, there are plenty of rescues out there that will take in dogs with medical problems or behavioral issues—just make sure you do your research!

Pros of Chow Chow

The Chow Chow is an extremely loyal dog. They are known to be good with children and other dogs.

The Chow Chow is an intelligent and calm breed that will make a great addition to any family looking for a new pet.

Cons of Chow Chow

You should know that Chow Chows aren't the best option for families with small children. Chow Chows are stubborn and difficult to train, which can make them dangerous around kids. In addition, they're not a good choice for families with other pets because of their territorial nature.

If you're looking for an indoor dog that will be happy spending large amounts of time alone, then a Chow Chow might be right for you!

Chow Chow for sale

Things to know if you own a Chow Chow

If you're thinking about adopting a Chow Chow, keep in mind that this breed is not for everyone. They are intelligent, but they have an independent streak and may not do well with structured training. If you've never owned a dog before and aren't sure how to train your new pet, this isn't the breed for you.

Chow Chows can be aggressive if they are not trained properly and socialized at an early age. These dogs need time to get used to their new surroundings and people, so if you live in a small apartment or plan on bringing one into your home with children, think carefully about whether or not a Chow Chow will fit into your lifestyle before committing yourself to adopting one of these pets.

Diet and nutrition of Chow Chow

As a carnivore, the Chow Chow needs a high protein diet. It is recommended that you feed your dog two meals per day. The first meal should be given at least two hours before playtime and the second meal should be given after playtime. A number of dog food companies produce products specifically designed for the Chow Chow’s needs; however, you can also feed it raw meat or commercially prepared foods like canned or dry food.

Chow Chows are prone to obesity, dental problems, hip dysplasia and other orthopedic conditions due to their stocky build which puts pressure on their joints when they run too much or jump up on furniture pieces such as couches and beds.


  • Groom your Chow Chow regularly. These dogs are prone to losing hair and having dandruff, so you’ll want to brush them often and bathe them at least once a month.

  • Watch out for hip dysplasia. Hip dysplasia is a common problem among chow chows, which means that they need extra care when it comes to eating certain foods. A diet rich in antioxidants can help prevent this disorder from occurring in your dog.


  • How much exercise does a Chow Chow need?

Chow Chows are notorious for being stubborn, but when it comes to exercising, they're actually quite easy to train. This is because they crave social interaction and want nothing more than your attention (and maybe a treat). They are also quite active indoors, so if you have an apartment or small house where you can't take your dog outside regularly, this shouldn't be an issue at all.

  • How much exercise should a Chow Chow get?

A good rule of thumb is that you should walk or jog with your dog for at least 20 minutes per day. You may feel like this isn't enough time to burn off all those extra calories that come with owning one of these fluffy beauties—but don't worry! Their fur will insulate them from heat or cold weather while they're out on their walk and prevent them from overheating or becoming dehydrated during playtime in the yard. And remember: as long as there's plenty of water available at home, outdoor activities won't drain any energy from your pup either! So go ahead and let loose with some fetching in the backyard before heading back inside for another round of cuddles on the couch together (and maybe even some treats).


Training a Chow Chow is a slow process. They are very intelligent dogs but they are also stubborn and need time to learn new things. These dogs need a lot of exercise both physically and mentally, so it's important to give them plenty of exercise every day in order to keep them happy. The Chow Chow's independent nature makes it easy for owners who aren't around much to leave the dog alone without any problems, however if you have children or another pet that may disturb your dog's routine then consider getting another type of pet instead.

Chow Chows are not good guard dogs because they don't bark often, even when strangers approach their home. Their tendency toward aloofness means that they don't alert people when danger comes into the house either—in fact, if someone breaks into your house while you're away from home then chances are good that your chow chow won't even notice!


As a Chow Chow owner, you'll need to be prepared to groom your dog daily. They are a breed that requires regular brushing and bathing. They also require trimming and clipping twice a year. These dogs have thick coats, so brushing will help remove mats from their fur, which can cause skin irritation or even infection if left untreated.

Chow Chows have double coats with dense undercoats and coarse guard hairs on top of the coat for protection against the elements in harsh climates such as those found in China where these dogs originated from. Their undercoat sheds in springtime when temperatures rise above 65 degrees Fahrenheit (18 Celsius), but some owners choose to shave their pet during this period of shedding because it can get messy indoors without proper cleanup after every day's walk outdoors!

Chow Chow FAQs

How often should you bathe a Chow Chow?

Chow Chows are dogs that have been bred to be outdoor working dogs and they have a thick, double coat of fur. This means that they shed a lot of hair and need to be groomed regularly. While the process of grooming is important for all dog breeds, it's particularly important for Chow Chows because their fur can become matted if it's not brushed regularly.

The frequency with which you bathe your Chow Chow will depend on the climate where you live and how much shedding occurs in your home during the winter months when there's less sunshine than in summer. In general, though, it's best to bathe your dog at least once every month during cooler months or more frequently if there is more shedding due to seasonal changes such as warmer weather or colder temperatures (or both).

Are the Chow Chow dogs good for families?

Chow Chows are loyal, protective and affectionate. They're also very trainable, which makes them an excellent choice for families with children. In fact, they make great companions for kids because of how well they behave around kids; they know that small people are fragile and will always respect them as such (unlike some other breeds). Also, if the child gets hurt in any way by the dog or vice versa then both parties will feel sad about it but won't act aggressively towards each other like humans would sometimes do after getting into an argument or fight with someone else.

Chow Chow puppy for sale

Dose Chow Chow get along with other pets?

Chows are generally good with other dogs. However, they don't always get along with all breeds. The Chow Chow is not a natural leader and may be bossed around by larger dogs.

Chows can be aggressive toward other pets in their territory, such as cats and birds. They generally dislike other types of animals such as rabbits and rodents, but if they were raised with them at an early age they will tolerate them in your home environment later on.

Do Chow Chow bark a lot?

Chow Chows are known as a quiet breed, so you probably won't hear them barking much. Many Chow owners report that their dogs do not bark at people or other dogs, but some do tend to bark at other animals (like squirrels). And while there is no evidence that this breed is more likely than others to howl, they are prone to whining when they want something or when they're frightened.

Are Chow Chows aggressive?

No, they are not aggressive. They are loyal and protective and will be good with children. They can also get along well with other dogs, cats and other pets.

Are Chow Chows high maintenance?

The Chow Chow is a high maintenance dog. It requires a lot of grooming and exercise, as well as mental stimulation and socialization. This breed is also very intelligent, requiring its owner to engage it mentally with activities such as basic obedience training and puzzle toys that challenge the dog's problem-solving skills. The Chow Chow can be stubborn at times, but it's mainly just reserved around strangers—it doesn't take much effort on your part for this breed to become extremely loyal and protective of you in return for all you do for it!

Do Chow Chow shed?

Chow Chow are not heavy shedders, although they do shed in spring and fall. If you want to minimize the amount of shedding, brush your dog's coat daily to remove loose hairs.

How smart is a Chow Chow?

You can have a dog that is both loyal and smart. The Chow Chow is an example of this combination. This breed has been known to be very intelligent, so much so that some people have even considered it one of the most intelligent dogs in the world. What makes them so smart? Well, they are very good at learning new commands and tricks, but they also display traits that indicate their loyalty such as being protective over their owners or children and staying close by when out on walks.

Are Chow Chows good walking dogs?

You may have heard that Chow Chows are good walking dogs. While this is true for some of them, it's not a safe generalization to make for all Chow Chows.

The truth is that most Chow Chows are not the best walking dogs. If you're looking for an athletic, active dog who will keep up with your running and hiking, then a Chow Chow might not be right for you. And if your goal is to take long walks through beautiful nature trails every day or week, then you should probably get a different breed altogether (such as an Australian Shepherd).

Chow Chows are stubborn and independent—they don't respond well to commands from their owners; so training them to walk on a leash will require patience and consistency from both parties involved in the training process: owner and dog!

Can Chow Chow swim?

You might imagine your Chow Chow as an aquatic animal, but the truth is that not all dogs of this breed can swim. Some are more likely to enjoy splashing around in the water than others.

Some Chow Chows prefer their paws on solid ground and will avoid any body of water bigger than a bathtub. If your dog is one of these breeds, you'll have to make sure there's no risk of injury if they accidentally fall into shallow water—for example, by putting up safety nets around pools or ponds when children are playing in them.

If you have a swimming-happy Chow who loves nothing more than paddling around in lakes or rivers with his favorite tennis ball in his mouth, remember that he needs to learn how to do so safely! You should train him with a life jacket before taking him out on boats or swimming pools; otherwise he may jump overboard at random times (or try).

Do Chow Chow like to cuddle?

Unlike many other dog breeds, Chow Chows do not enjoy snuggling or cuddling with their human companions. They are independent dogs who enjoy having their own space and being able to watch the world from afar. This makes them ideal for people who like to live in an apartment setting as they don't require a large yard or lots of space to run around in.

Chow Chows are also not known to be lap dogs, so you won't find your Chow Curl up on your lap giving you kisses when you come home from work every day (unless he's just incredibly comfortable around strangers). However, if he likes you enough, he may give you some scritches on his terms!

Chow Chow puppies running on the lawn

Are Chow Chows clingy?

As an affectionate and friendly dog, the Chow Chow is not clingy in the sense that he follows you around all the time. He does appreciate being with his family and enjoys spending time with them, but he won’t become obsessed with following you around everywhere.

With that said, the Chow Chow does enjoy being close to his people. In fact, if you are looking for a dog who likes to snuggle up next to you on the couch or cuddle with you while watching TV in bed — then this is a great choice!

Are Chow Chows good house dogs?

Chow Chows are good house dogs. They’re affectionate, calm, and patient. They don’t bark or howl as much as other breeds, and they tend to be more sedentary than some active breeds (like German Shepherds). In fact, they prefer naps over long walks in the park.

Chow Chows generally get along well with children and other pets (even cats), which makes them a good choice for families or households with multiple animals. However, this breed does tend to be wary of strangers—so if you want a dog that will greet every visitor at the door with enthusiasm (and possibly try to lick them into submission), then this isn't the breed for you!

Chow Chows may not make great guard dogs because they have such big heads (and hearts) that it's hard for them to scare intruders away!

Are Chow Chows hypoallergenic?

You may have heard that Chow Chows are hypoallergenic, which means they don't shed hair and won't cause allergies in people with dog-hair sensitivities. It's true that Chow Chows have a thick undercoat (which sheds year-round), but their longer top coat also has plenty of fine guard hairs that can get into your airways and aggravate asthma symptoms. If you're allergic to dogs, even the most hairless breeds will likely cause some kind of reaction.

In short: no matter how much you love your furry friend's fur, if you or someone in your house has an allergy or asthma condition, it's best to try to keep them out of the house or at least make sure there's plenty of ventilation when they're present.


If you are looking for a loyal, devoted, and loving dog that is active and playful by nature, then the Chow Chow might be your perfect match. They are great dogs for families with children because they are gentle and affectionate towards kids. Their coats require daily grooming but it’s worth every minute of maintenance because their fur is soft and shiny. Overall, this breed makes a wonderful addition to any household!

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