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October 22, 2022 15 min read


The Border Collie is a popular medium-sized dog breed, with an athletic body and high energy levels. However, they can be very affectionate and loyal dogs. The Border Collie was originally bred to herd livestock such as sheep and cattle in Scotland. This means that they have strong instincts to work with animals but this may not be the best fit for everyone!

Border Collie Breed Overview

22-30 inches
30-50 pounds
10-12 years
Playful, loyal

The Border Collie is a medium-sized, high-energy dog with an active mind and a strong desire to work. They are bred to herd livestock and so they require regular physical and mental stimulation to keep them from becoming bored and destructive.

The working nature of this breed means that they need a lot of exercise. They do best when they have a job or activity to focus on for at least an hour each day, whether it's being taken for walks, playing fetch, going for hikes in the woods or learning new tricks.

Characteristics of the Border Collie

  • Border collies are intelligent and high energy dogs.

  • A border collie's intelligence makes them very easy to train, but they have a lot of energy and need daily exercise.

  • Border collies are excellent at herding, because they have an innate sense of direction and can track objects that move far away from them.

  • Border collies are very loyal and affectionate animals that get along well with other dogs in their family, as well as cats or other pets if properly introduced to each other from a young age.

History of the Border Collie

The history of the Border Collie is a long and storied one, with origins dating back to the mid-1800s, when it was first bred for herding sheep on Scottish farms. They were highly valued for their ability to move large numbers of animals effortlessly and efficiently. Today, Border Collies are still used for herding stock in rural areas, but they've also made their way into homes as family pets.

The breed's popularity has skyrocketed over the last decade or so—you might even say it's been "herding" our hearts! And if you're interested in bringing home one of these beautiful creatures yourself (or adopting that cute puppy you saw at work), here's everything you need to know about this furry friend:

Border Collie Appearance

The Border Collie has a medium-length, soft coat that is straight, smooth and shiny. The coat is easy to groom. The Border Collie is not hypoallergenic.

Border Collie Personality

Border Collies are intelligent and energetic dogs that love to work. They are very independent and stubborn, they need a lot of exercise and mental stimulation. Border Collies can be very vocal, they can be very vocal when they want something.

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Border Collie Temperament

The Border Collie is a highly intelligent breed, so you have to be prepared to do some training. This means that you need to be patient and consistent with your dog.

The Border Collie needs a lot of exercise and mental stimulation. A bored or under-stimulated Border Collie will find something else to entertain themselves with, like chewing on the shoes left by the door or digging in the flower beds.

If you want a dog who is willing to work hard for his family, then this may be the perfect choice for you!

Where to Adopt or Buy a Border Collie?

If you are interested in adopting a Border Collie, there are several ways to go about it.

  • If you have the time and inclination to search for an owner who is no longer able to care for their dog, consider contacting rescue groups. There are several organizations that specialize in helping dogs find new homes. You can also look online at websites like Petfinder or the Humane Society of America's database of adoptable animals (see below).

  • You can also check with local animal shelters or breed-specific rescue organizations. These places often have many dogs available for adoption. They may also be able to tell you if there's been a recent influx of border collies being surrendered due to changes in legislation or law enforcement efforts against suspected dog fighting rings (a common activity among border collies).

  • When looking through listings, remember that many potential owners neglect or even abuse their dogs; some people don't understand how special these animals really are! Be careful not only when considering whether your own home would be an appropriate environment but also what kind traits might come out during training sessions where you'll want them working hard all day long every day - this means ensuring good health as well as behavior skills before getting too attached!

What’s the Price of Border Collie?

The price of a border collie puppy varies by breeder and location. The average cost is $500-$1000, but the price can be over $2000 for a champion dog. If you're looking to buy a purebred Border Collie puppy, you'll have to research breeders in your area first. The best place to start is at the American Kennel Club website or by doing some internet searches using keywords like "Border Collie breeders" or "Border Collies for sale." This will help you identify reputable breeders in your area who may be able to provide more information about their dogs' lineage and bloodlines.

Diet and Nutrition of Border Collie

Border Collie Nutrition Border Collies are highly active dogs that need a high-quality diet to maintain their health and energy. A dog's diet should be based on what it was originally designed to eat, which means food sources like fish, lamb and beef are best for Border Collies.

Border Collies are intelligent and energetic dogs. They need a high-quality diet that is rich in proteins, vitamins and minerals to keep them healthy. The best way to feed your Border collie is by having him/her follow the food chart below:

Pros of Border Collie

  • They're intelligent and loyal: These dogs are easy to train, but they will only respond to a strong leader. They learn quickly, but there are times when they need to be reminded that you're the one in charge.

  • They're energetic and athletic: Border Collies love a good game of fetch or Frisbee, so if you want a dog who will join you on long walks or runs through the neighborhood, this is your breed. If you have the time and space for it (and plenty of tennis balls), your Border Collie will happily spend hours running around with other dogs in its pack as well as humans in yours. It’s no surprise these dogs excel at agility competitions!

  • They're great for herding and obedience training: Border Collies have been bred to herd animals by nipping at their heels—so it makes sense that they would make great companions for those who own livestock such as cattle or sheep! If you've got some chickens running around your backyard though...you might want another breed instead ;)

Cons of Border Collie

If you're looking for a low-maintenance, quiet dog breed, the Border Collie is not for you. These dogs are known for their intense energy levels and need for constant mental stimulation. As such, they often have trouble settling down indoors; many owners report that their BCs will find ways to entertain themselves even when left alone in the house!

This isn't just a problem in new homes: even if your border collie has lived with you from puppyhood or rescue, it may never become as mellow as other breeds. It's important to keep this in mind if you're considering adopting one of these dogs—or any other high-energy breed—as a pet.

Things to know if you own a Border Collie

If you're thinking about getting a Border Collie, here's some important information:

  • They are very energetic and intelligent, so they need a lot of exercise.

  • Border Collies are very energetic and intelligent, so they need a lot of exercise.

  • The Border Collie is one of the most energetic breeds out there!


Make sure you and your dog get plenty of exercise. Border Collies are energetic and active dogs, so they need lots of opportunities to run around and play. You can take them for a walk or run with you, or play fetch with a ball or stick. If you have a Frisbee, they might enjoy playing catch with it too. If your Border Collie has a small rubber ball that he likes to play with in his mouth, keep an eye on him when he’s doing this because some balls are too small for his jaws to hold properly and might come out unexpectedly!


  • Basic commands. This is a must-have on your training to-do list. You should start with the basics, such as "sit," "stay" and "down." Your dog will automatically learn these through daily interactions with you, but it's important that he understands what each command means before moving on to more complex ones like "stay" or "come."

  • Crate training: A crate is a type of cage for dogs that allows them to feel safe in their own space while also giving them some privacy from strangers passing by or potential threats in the home. A crate provides a feeling of security for dogs, who are naturally den animals (they seek out caves and other enclosed spaces) and do not like being exposed when sleeping or resting in unfamiliar surroundings. If a dog feels comfortable in its crate then it may help reduce any separation anxiety issues you might have with your pet when you leave him alone at home during the day while working full time outside of the house during business hours - especially if he has never been left alone before without someone else there every single time until now!

Border Collie training


The most important thing to know about grooming your border collie is that he will shed. You need to be prepared for this, and make sure you are able to deal with the mess. Part of his shedding is seasonal, so it will become more intense in the springtime and fall.

The next thing you should know about border collie grooming is how much of it really matters. In general, brushing every day will help keep your dog clean and remove loose hair from their coat. Brushing also helps distribute oils throughout their fur that keeps them healthy looking without feeling greasy or dirty in any way (though some people do like bathing them too). Bathing isn't necessary unless they smell bad or have gotten very dirty in some way (like rolling around in mud). This might happen after an outdoor adventure where they come home covered in dirt or sand!

Another thing you'll want to consider when deciding how much time each week should be spent on grooming is whether or not there are other things going on at home (like kids). If there aren't any little ones running around who need attention then maybe once every few months isn't such a bad idea; but if there's one already trying out all those new words by saying "no" again and again then maybe twice weekly would be better suited for everyone involved!


Border Collies are a very active breed, and they need to be exercised daily. They should never be left alone for long periods of time without a walk or some other form of exercise. Border Collies are also known for their love of chasing things that move, so you'll want to keep your Border Collie on a leash when he is outside and not in a fenced yard.

The most important thing about caring for your Border Collie is making sure that he gets the attention he needs from you and anyone else who lives in your house. If you do this, then your dog will grow up happy with his family, which is one of the best things that can happen when raising any pet!

Affection Level
Exercise Needs
Energy Level
Tendency to Bark
Amount of Shedding

Border Collie FAQs

Are The Border Collie Dogs Good for Families?

Border collies are very intelligent and active dogs. They are very energetic and need a lot of exercise. They are best suited for families that have time to spend with them. Border collies should not be left alone for long periods of time. If you do not have the time to give your Border collie the attention he needs, then this may not be the breed for you. Border collies are very loyal dogs that love being around their owners.

Dose Border Collie Get Along With Other Pets?

Are Border Collies the right dog for you and your family?

If you're looking for a dog that is extremely active, loves to learn new tricks, and can be easily trained, then the Border Collie could be the perfect breed for you. These dogs are highly intelligent and easy to train. They tend to get along well with children and other pets in the home as well as strangers outside of it. The Border Collie may not be ideal if you don't have time on your hands because they need a lot of exercise and attention from their owners.

Do border collie bark a lot?

Border Collies are not known for their barking. However, they do bark. Border Collies are not known for excessive barking and are more likely to bark when they sense danger near their territory or when they see you, their owner.

What 2 breeds make a border collie?

There are a number of different breeds that make up the border collie. The Shetland sheepdog, Australian shepherd and German shepherd are all included in the list of breeds that can be bred with a border collie to produce puppies with this particular genetic makeup. There are also some less popular combinations used as well, like Border Collies with Australian cattle dogs, Pembroke Welsh corgis or even other Border Collies (although not recommended).

The important thing to remember when breeding your own dogs is that while they may share some characteristics of their parents' breed(s), they will still have unique traits that make them individuals in their own right.

Can Border Collies be cuddly?

It might come as a surprise to learn that Border Collies are actually very affectionate dogs. They make great pets for families and have a very playful nature. Their intelligence and energy can make them the perfect dog to take on long walks, hikes, or runs with you.

They have an extremely high prey drive and may chase small animals such as rabbits, squirrels, cats and other small animals if they are not trained or socialized properly early on in their life.

Border Collies are known for being very affectionate dogs that enjoy spending time with their owners. They will love cuddling with their owners but will also do well when left alone for long periods of time without any interaction from humans because of how intelligent these creatures are!

Border Collie temperament is something else worth mentioning here since this breed has been known throughout history by many different names including: "The Old Scotch Curlie" (1690), "Blacknose" (1760), "Short-Haired Scotch Shepherd Dog" (1868) - but what does all this mean? What kind of dog did we end up getting ourselves into?

Can a Border Collie be a house dog?

Yes, a Border Collie can be a house dog. They are very loyal and protective of their families and homes, but they also need long walks and time outdoors to keep them happy.

If you live in an apartment with no yard or access to one nearby, then the Border Collie may not be the best choice for you. If you have several hours a day to spend with your dog going on walks around the neighborhood or running at a park nearby, then this breed will do well as a house pet!

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Should I get a boy or girl Border Collie?

When choosing a dog, you might wonder what the difference is between male and female. Male Border Collies are more energetic and playful than females; however, female Border Collies are more calm and affectionate. They are also better with children because they tend to be less protective of their family than males.

What is the smartest dog?

The most intelligent dog is the Border Collie, who scored an average of 22.5 out of 30 on a test that measures a dog's ability to understand human communicative signals (i.e., gestures, body language and voice). The second-smartest dog was the Poodle, which averaged 21 points on the same test.

Should Border Collies sleep inside?

As a working dog, the Border Collie is used to sleeping indoors. This means that you should not expect a border collie to sleep outside. If you want your dog to sleep outside, you need to train him or her to do so.

The best way to train your border collie is by using positive reinforcement techniques. You can teach your dog how to stay on command and then reward the correct behavior with treats or praise after each time he or she obeys orders correctly

How often should you walk a Border Collie?

A Border Collie is a working breed, so you should consider walking your dog at least once a day. As with many other dog breeds, the amount of exercise your Border Collie needs depends on his age. Puppies require more exercise than adult dogs because they're growing and developing their muscles and bones. Adult Border Collies can be exercised less often than puppies but still need to go out for walks every day or two.

If you don't have time to walk your dog, there are other ways to get him outside for some fresh air and exercise:

  • You could hire a professional dog walker who will take him out on their daily run. This is especially helpful if you work long hours at an office job (or longer hours if you're self-employed).

  • If you'd rather not pay someone else to take care of this task, consider playing fetch with your pet instead! It's easy—just throw the ball as far away from yourself as possible, wait until he picks up speed chasing after it (to give him some momentum), then tell him "Drop!" when he gets close enough so that he lets go of it in order for it not hurt anyone else if dropped accidentally during playtime activities like these ones do not happen often because most owners know better than letting their pets get too excited while playing fetching games which means there aren't any conflicts between people due their pets' behavior towards each other so there really is no need worry about anything happening like those things happening anyways

Can Border Collies tolerate cold weather?

Border collies are a medium-sized dog breed and have a double coat to keep them warm in cold weather. They can be kept outside in the winter, but they need a warm place to sleep and they should not be left outside for extended periods of time.

In addition to being able to tolerate cold weather, Border Collies love to romp around in the snow!

Are Border Collies easy to potty train?

Border Collies are intelligent and eager to learn, so they should be easy to train. However, Border Collies are very energetic and need a lot of exercise. They are also very independent, which means that if you don't give them enough structure in their lives by providing rules and boundaries for them to follow, they will tend towards being stubborn or destructive as a way of relieving stress.

Border collie lab mix

If you're looking for a mix of two popular dog breeds, look no further than the Border Collie Labrador Retriever Cross. This highly intelligent and energetic hybrid is sure to become your best friend!

Border collie poodle mix

The Border Collie Poodle mix is a mix between the Border Collie and the Poodle. They are cute, intelligent dogs with tons of energy. The Border Collie Poodle mix has a lot of different names including Labradoodle and Goldendoodle.

Border Collie Poodle Mix Personality: These dogs are known for their love of learning new things and playing games, but they can also be really stubborn at times! They don't like being left alone for long periods of time so you'll want to make sure you spend some quality time with them every day if possible (they're not always so good about sitting still). Border collies poodle mixes make great family pets because they get along well with everyone from kids to adults as long as everyone treats them well first!

Short haired border collie

A short haired border collie is a dog with a smooth coat, which means it does not have an undercoat. The hair is shorter and finer than other types of border collies and has no undercoat. This makes them less likely to shed and very easy to groom.

Short haired border collies can be white or black but do come in other colors such as red merle (red with black patches), sable merle (red with dark brown/black patches) or blue merle (blue with black patches).

Because they don't shed, most people prefer this type of dog if they are allergic or just don't like being covered in dog hair! They also require less grooming than their long-haired counterparts because their coats don't get matted easily even without brushing every day!

Border Collie running fast

Brown border collie

The brown border collie is similar to the black and white in that it has a good temperament, but it's also a good choice for people who want an active dog. The brown border collie needs plenty of exercise and can easily live outdoors if you have the room.

Miniature border collie

The miniature border collie is a cross between a border collie and a miniature poodle. It's called the "border terrier" because it has a long, wavy coat like that of the terrier breed. These dogs are friendly and affectionate, but they can also be extremely strong-willed and stubborn. They need lots of exercise every day—a walk or run in the park will do!


We hope you enjoyed our little adventure into the world of Border Collies. While they may be on the pricier side, this is one dog that will surely pay off in spades. They’re intelligent, easy to train, and great with children. If you decide to buy one or adopt a Border Collie, we wish you all the best!

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