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October 14, 2022 21 min read


The American Foxhound is a breed of dog that's known for its long nose and deep chest. It has been used for hunting fox since the 18th century, when it was bred by English immigrants in North America to be faster than hounds imported from Europe at that time.

There are several different types of American Foxhounds that are distinguished primarily by their coat coloration; these include black and tan, red and white, liver (known as bluetick), bluetick, redtick/tri-colored ticked or tricolored (which come in shades ranging from light cream to deep mahogany), tan points with white markings on face and legs (called "flashy"), lemon & whites (which have a yellowish coat with white spots), orange roan & whites (which have patches of reddish brown interspersed among their pure white fur).

American Foxhound Breed Overview

The American Foxhound is a breed of dog, one of several hound breeds developed in the United States. It was bred primarily for hunting foxes, but it also hunts raccoons, deer and other game.

American Foxhound is an excellent tracker with a strong sense of smell. The breed was known as the English Fox Hound until 1935, when the name was changed to American Fox Hound. The name change was made because many British hunters were using the breed to hunt foxes in America - which offended Americans and caused tension between them and Brits!

Characteristics of the American Foxhound

The American Foxhound is a medium-sized hound, weighing up to 70 pounds and standing 24 inches at the shoulder. Its coat can be red, white, or blue ticked with black; most often it's red or white with a tinge of black on the ears and tail only. The American Foxhound has a long, narrow head; its skull is very narrow as well—this is how it got its name!

This dog also has long and narrow muzzles that give it an appearance similar to other dogs like Beagles or Bloodhounds (it's been called "the Greyhound-Beagle").

History of the American Foxhound

The American Foxhound is a breed of dog that was developed in the United States. It is also known as American foxhound, and redtick. The American Foxhound is a scent hound, which means it follows its nose when it tracks prey rather than sight or hearing like other breeds like Beagles and Bloodhounds. They are descended from English Foxhounds brought to America during the 17th century by colonists who wanted to hunt foxes for their pelts.

American Foxhound lying on the ground

American Foxhound Appearance

The American Foxhound is a medium-sized dog that has a long, straight nose and a wide head. The males have pendulous ears while the female's ears stand erect. Its tail is short and its coat can be red, white or black with tan markings.

American Foxhound Personality

The American Foxhound is a friendly and energetic dog, who loves to be around people. This breed makes for an excellent family pet because of their easygoing nature. The American Foxhound can live in any environment, from the city to the country, as long as it has access to plenty of outdoor space for play and exercise.

American Foxhound dogs are very loyal and protective dogs that make great companions for children or other pets. They are playful with children but tend not to like being picked up by them as much as some other breeds do when they're young puppies so parents should watch them carefully here until they're older (around 2 years old). This breed also tends not be very good at training itself unless you train it yourself - because their natural instincts take over sometimes making them hard workers when needed but lazy if allowed too much free time without guidance from humans!

American Foxhound Temperament

The American Foxhound is a calm dog. It is a good family dog, able to adapt to different living situations and usually gets along well with other dogs. The American Foxhound can be a good watch dog or guard dog but it's not likely to attack an intruder without being provoked first or without being trained from a young age to do so.

The American Foxhound is an easy-to-train breed that responds well to positive reinforcement methods of training such as clicker training and treats for rewards when training sessions are finished successfully.

Where to Adopt or Buy a American Foxhound?

If you decide to adopt, American Foxhounds can be found at many shelters. They are also commonly bred by reputable breeders who have been testing their dogs' genetics for health problems and making sure they're free of genetic defects. If you choose to purchase a puppy from a breeder, ask to see the parents of your potential new family member (or check out their website), so that you can verify that they are healthy and well-socialized with other animals and people of all ages. If you do decide to go this route, try not to buy from large-scale breeding operations called puppy mills—these facilities often use poor living conditions as well as unhealthy practices like inbreeding that can lead to severe genetic problems down the road for their puppies.

American Foxhounds sometimes show up at local animal shelters but it's rare for them to come through there; usually these dogs are either adopted directly from owners or brought in by rescuers when someone finds them abandoned on the side of the road or wandering around lost in town somewhere.

What’s the Price of American Foxhound?

The American Foxhound is a popular breed, so you may have to wait awhile before you get your hands on one. If you’re looking for purebred American Foxhounds, the price will range from $500 to $1,000. A puppy that has been started and trained could cost anywhere from $1,500 to $2,000 or more. You can adopt an adult dog from shelters or rescues at around $50-100 depending on their age and health condition. If you want to buy directly from breeders, expect prices around $800-$1500 but there are some extremely expensive ones out there as well!

Diet and Nutrition of American Foxhound

The American foxhound is a medium-sized breed of dog. The average weight of an adult male is around 55 to 65 pounds and the average weight for a female is about 50 to 60 pounds.

American foxhounds are not only known for their great sense of smell, but also for their wonderful physical characteristics such as large ears, long legs and tail that can help them hunt better in the wild.

The American Foxhound has very few health problems because of its strong immune system which helps it avoid diseases easily. This makes it easier to feed this dog since they don’t require any special food or supplements unless your veterinarian recommends otherwise.

Pros of American Foxhound

The American Foxhound is a great family dog. The American Foxhound is also a good guard dog and watchdog, so it’s easy to see why they make such great companions. They love children and other dogs, so they make a good addition to any household with children or other pets.

Because these dogs are extremely active, their ideal home should be in an apartment complex or condo where there are plenty of green spaces for them to run around in and socialize with neighbors.

Cons of American Foxhound

  • American Foxhound are not good with children.

  • American Foxhound are not good with cats.

  • American Foxhound are not good with other dogs.

  • American Foxhound are not good with small animals or pets.

Things to know if you own a American Foxhound

If you're thinking about adopting a Foxhound, there are a few things you should keep in mind. First of all, Foxhounds need regular exercise—they have an active lifestyle and will need to run or walk every day. They are not suitable for apartment living; they need room to move around and play.

Foxhounds also require a lot of attention and care. If you work long hours or spend most days at home by yourself, then the American Foxhound might not be the best breed for you. These dogs require intensive socialization when they're young so that they can become well-rounded adults who get along with other dogs and people alike. Therefore it's important that your family schedule allows time each week to take him on walks or runs through places he can meet new friends!

Lastly: grooming! You might think foxhounds don't need much grooming because they aren't usually covered in fur like some other breeds—but their coats do shed year-round (although less than some other breeds) so brushing them once a week will help keep unwanted hair off your furniture/clothes/etc.(1-2).


American Foxhound is a working dog, so it's critical to give your American Foxhound plenty of exercise. An American Foxhound needs to run and play. To get the energy out, you can take your American Foxhound on long walks or runs through the woods with you.

American Foxhound head shot


  • American Foxhound puppies are easy to train.

  • American Foxhounds are intelligent and eager to please, so they respond well to positive reinforcement.

  • If you want your American Foxhound puppy to learn how to go outside or do other things on command, teach them as early as possible in their lives.

  • Remember that young pups don't have any control over their bladders or bowels yet, so take them out often when you can see they need relief (they will squat down). When they reach six months old and beyond, start working on the "sit" command before letting them off leash outside so they can go potty by themselves when needed.

  • Your American Foxhound puppy should be fully housetrained by eight months old at the latest—if not sooner!


American Foxhounds require minimal grooming. Their coat is easy to maintain, and they shed very little. They are also a fairly active breed, so their hair does not get tangled or matted as a result of exercise.

A brush or comb will suffice for general grooming purposes for the American Foxhound, though you may want to invest in a pair of nail clippers if your dog has long nails (they can become painful when running). You may also want to bring your dog to the vet for regular dental checks so that any problems can be caught early on, before they become serious issues.


If you decide to adopt an American Foxhound, it will be easy to care for them. These dogs are generally healthy and hardy and live long lives when they are cared for properly. The average lifespan of American Foxhounds is 10-12 years old, which means that you may get more than a decade with your dog if all goes well!

The American Foxhound needs a moderate amount of exercise every day. They can live comfortably in an apartment if you give them a large yard or area to run around in during the day. A small yard is fine too, but remember that these dogs love to run so they will need at least one hour of exercise each day.

American Foxhound FAQs

Is an American Foxhound a good family dog?

If you're considering getting an American Foxhound, it's important to note that the breed is very friendly and will do well with children. They can also get along well with other dogs and cats in the home, so if your family is looking for a dog that can be part of your pack then the American Foxhound could be a good choice.

Foxhounds are known to be energetic dogs, so they may require more exercise than some other breeds. If someone in your family has trouble keeping up with this high level of activity or if you live somewhere where there aren't many opportunities for long walks, then it might not make sense for you to adopt one of these hounds.

Are American Foxhounds aggressive?

American Foxhounds are a friendly, affectionate breed. They do not have a high prey drive and are not aggressive by nature. American Foxhounds tend to look for a human companion in the household when they are not working or hunting with their owner.

American Foxhounds make good companions for children because they have been known to be gentle, loyal and patient with children. If you have other pets in the home it is recommended that you introduce them first before bringing your new dog home so they get along well together.

Do American Foxhounds bark a lot?

The answer is no, they don’t. They are not known for barking a lot, and this behavior can be attributed to the fact that they are usually hunting with their human partners. When hunting together, there is no need for the dog to bark because it can communicate with its owner in other ways such as howling. However, if you have an American Foxhound who decides to bark at home when left alone or disturbed by something outside (like another animal), training may help curb this behavior. As stated previously in this article, foxhounds were also bred to alert their owners of danger so if your hound does start barking at night when everyone else is asleep or during the day when no one else is around (besides you) then there might be something outside causing her concern that needs looking into!

American Foxhound for sale

Are American Foxhounds hard to train?

The American Foxhound is a very intelligent dog, which makes it easy to train. However, they are independent and will not obey commands simply because they are told to do so. You must show an American Foxhound that you mean business and that the command will benefit them in some way by enforcing it. The best way to train an American Foxhound is through positive reinforcement; rewards such as treats or toys work well with this breed of dog.

If you're looking for a family pet then look no further than an American Foxhound! This breed loves kids and gets along great with other animals as well (including cats). If your family has older children then make sure they know how big these dogs can get before getting one so that there aren't any surprises later on down the line!

The American Foxhound is also known for being good guard dogs because of their large size; however if someone were trying break into your home then chances are high that they would be able to break through any fences surrounding it first before even attempting entry into any part of your property where there might be an American Foxhound watching over things from afar!

Can Foxhounds be left alone?

Foxhounds are very devoted to their owners and can be left alone for short periods of time without any problem. They do not have the same guarding instincts as some other breeds, so they will not alert you if someone is trying to break into your house. However, Foxhounds will bark if they hear any unusual noise outside or inside your house.

Foxhounds are a loyal breed that loves spending time with its family members, but because of their nature as pack animals (they like being around other dogs), it is best for them to always be in pairs or small groups.

Do American Foxhounds like to cuddle?

Yes, they do. They're affectionate dogs and want to be around people as much as possible. They also enjoy the company of other animals, so if you have another pet at home and are looking for a family dog, an adult American Foxhound might just be perfect.

Do Foxhounds bark?

Foxhounds are known to be quiet, so they won't bark excessively. If they do bark, it's usually because they're trying to alert their owners that something's going on—such as someone approaching the home or another dog nearby.

Foxhounds can be trained to be quiet dogs if that's what you want. However, depending on where you live and how much time your dog spends outdoors, there will inevitably be times when he barks at something he sees or hears passing by in his surroundings. There might also be times when the foxhound barks out of boredom or excitement over seeing other people or animals outside your home (or even inside). While these instances may not bother everyone, some people consider constant barking an annoyance and may feel uncomfortable with their pet behaving this way around them all day long. So if you like having a quieter household environment than this breed provides for most owners who allow their foxhounds free reign outside during daylight hours every day of the week (and even sometimes at night), then this might not be the breed for you!

How much exercise do Foxhounds need?

Foxhounds are not apartment dogs, but if you're willing to take them for a walk every day, they can do okay in an apartment. They need a lot of exercise and that means at least one 30-minute walk a day.

If you do have the space, Foxhounds make great outdoor pets. They love to run around so they enjoy being in a fenced yard with lots of room to play. They'll even chase balls or toys on their own if there's nothing else interesting going on!

Are Foxhounds stubborn?

Foxhounds are stubborn, but they can be trained to do what you want them to do. They have a mind of their own and may not always listen to you, however if you take the time out of your day and put some effort into training your dog, you will be able to train them eventually. You should also remember that each dog is different so don't expect all foxhounds to respond in the same way when it comes to training them.

  • Do Foxhounds need leadership?

Yes! If your foxhound lives with other dogs or cats at home then make sure that he/she knows who's boss because if any other animals start getting aggressive towards him/her then he/she may become stressed which could lead into aggression as well.. For example: If my older brother plays games on his Xbox One while I'm sleeping upstairs then sometimes I'll wake up just because his voice is too loud (he doesn't know how loud he talks) so even though I'm asleep i'll still hear him talking but only because he's my brother so there's no reason why i should get mad at him but instead it would make more sense if someone else told him off first before i even got involved...

American Foxhound bite a branch

Do American Foxhounds like to swim?

The American Foxhound is well-known for its athleticism and exceptional hunting skills. The breed was originally bred to hunt foxes and other small game, which required a great deal of stamina and the ability to swim long distances. This explains why American Foxhounds are such excellent swimmers: they can cover miles in just one day!

Because their coats are water resistant, American Foxhounds don't mind getting wet at all. In fact, they tend to enjoy playing in puddles after a rain or even spending time on beaches during summer months.

What's the difference between a Foxhound and a coonhound?

Foxhounds and coonhounds are the same breed, but they're bred for different purposes. The main difference is that foxhounds are bred to hunt foxes, while coonhounds are bred to hunt raccoons.

Foxhounds have longer legs and a more rounded head than coonhounds, which has shorter legs and a more pointed head. A Foxhound can also weigh up to 45 pounds more than its average Coonhound counterpart (up to 100 pounds). This makes it easier for a Foxhound to pursue large prey such as deer or boar.

How do you entertain a Foxhound?

The American Foxhound is a very active dog and needs plenty of exercise. It is an energetic dog, so it needs to be taken on long walks or runs.

The American Foxhound is also a good dog for hunting, so you should take it hunting with you if you want to spend more time together.

What do I need to know before buying a Foxhound?

Before you buy a Foxhound, it’s important to ask the right questions. A good breeder will be happy to answer your queries and help you get started with your new pup.

To begin with, here are some of the most important things to consider:

  • How old is my Foxhound? You may want to start by asking for an estimate based on the dog's size and expected growth rate. If you have room for a larger dog, ask about how big he or she might grow up to be! Keep in mind that even the best-fed pups can still outgrow their clothes if they're not wearing them properly (or at all).

  • What kind of health does my Foxhound have? It's also important to know about any medical conditions or problems that could affect your puppy's life quality over time—and yours too! There are many different diseases dogs can get; some pass easily without treatment while others require frequent medication or surgery. Sometimes these conditions aren't obvious at first glance but become apparent over time due t certain behaviors like dehydration which might result from being sick."

Do all foxhounds howl?

Howling is a normal behavior for Foxhounds, but it's not something all Foxhounds do. Some hounds may howl when they're excited, and some will only howl when something is wrong, like if they're in pain or suffering from boredom. If your Foxhound makes a habit of howling frequently and seems to be responding to noises that aren't there—or if he starts to howl when you call his name—it's worth speaking with a veterinarian. There could be an underlying medical issue causing him distress that should be addressed.

Are fox hounds affectionate?

Yes! Foxhounds are very affectionate and loyal dogs. They are known for being very loving, sweet and cuddly with their owners and other people in their family. They love to cuddle up next to you on the couch or bed at night. If a foxhound is raised around children, they will be extremely friendly towards them too.

Foxhounds love to be around people so if you have children or even another dog, this breed could be perfect for your family!

How long do American Foxhound live?

The American Foxhound is a medium-sized dog with an average lifespan of 10-12 years. However, the size of your dog will affect its lifespan. For example, smaller breeds tend to live longer than larger ones.

The American Foxhound is prone to hip dysplasia and heart problems, so if you are considering getting one as a pet or if you already have one but it has shown signs of these conditions, consult your veterinarian about treatment options.

American Foxhounds can live up to 15 years if they are healthy and active pets; however it's not uncommon for them to pass away at less than five years old because of congenital health issues like heart disease or neurological disorders that come with age.

Leash an American Foxhound

Are Foxhounds hypoallergenic?

If you have a family with children or with someone who has allergies, you might be wondering if the American Foxhound is hypoallergenic.

The short answer is no, but there’s more to it than that. While none of the common dog breeds are 100 percent hypoallergenic, some can be better tolerated than others by people who are allergic to dogs. To figure out if an individual dog is tolerant enough for your family’s needs, we recommend visiting a kennel where they have Foxhounds available for adoption and observing how your child reacts in person (without any human contact). If they react positively, then it's worth considering getting one!

Do Foxhounds have allergies?

Foxhounds are not known to have allergies. They are a great dog for people with allergies, as they have no food or skin allergies. The Foxhound is also hypoallergenic, and will not shed much hair.

What's the difference between a beagle and a Foxhound?

  • Beagles are smaller than Foxhounds. They may weigh anywhere from 20 to 30 lbs., while a Foxhound can reach 35-45 lbs.

  • Foxhounds have longer legs than beagles, which means they're taller and lankier in appearance.

  • Their noses are also longer, giving their faces an even more elongated look than the beagle's upturned nose.

  • Both dogs are muscular animals, but due to its larger size, the Foxhound is more muscular than the Beagle

Are foxhounds noisy?

No, foxhounds aren't noisy. Most foxhounds are quiet and gentle dogs. It's possible to train a foxhound to be quiet, but they're not yappy or barky by nature. Foxhounds are affectionate and gentle dogs who will happily accompany you on your morning run or jog around the neighborhood without complaint.

What dogs do fox hunters use?

To start, foxhounds are breeds of dogs that have been bred for hundreds of years to hunt foxes. Like other hound breeds, they are known for their exceptional scenting abilities and their ability to follow a trail. Foxhounds are used throughout the world to hunt foxes, rabbits and raccoons—so if you've ever wondered what dogs do fox hunters use? The answer is: foxhounds! Foxhunters also take advantage of their versatility by using them in some areas as rabbit hounds or coyote hounds as well. They also use these dogs when pursuing bobcats or cougars (pumas).

Do Foxhounds like the cold?

The American Foxhound is bred to hunt in cold weather, but they are not suited to living in a house. If you live in a cold climate, your Foxhound will enjoy spending time outside playing with you or running around the yard. If you have a hot climate, it is best for your dog if he can go out and cool down when needed.

Foxhounds are not suitable for young children as large dogs can knock over little ones. They also need a lot of exercise so this breed should be walked every day for at least an hour each time by adults only!

What age are Foxhounds fully grown?

Foxhounds are full-grown by the time they're 8 to 10 months old, but it's not until they're 2 years old that they have fully developed musculature. At 3 years old, most Foxhounds are at their peak agility and stamina levels. At 4 years of age and beyond, Foxhounds may still be physically fit enough for hunting, but usually cannot keep up with younger hounds in a pack anymore.

American Foxhound in the snow

What age are Foxhounds fully grown? Do American Foxhounds shed a lot?

American Foxhounds are fully grown at 18 months. This can vary a little though, and some dogs may not reach their full height until they're about 2 years old.

Foxhounds have a very short, smooth coat that sheds year round. They don't shed as much as many other breeds (such as Border Collies), but you'll find hair around your house throughout the year. Their fur is also very thick, so grooming is important to keep it in good condition and prevent matting.

Which came first Beagle or foxhound?

This question is harder to answer than you might think. Both breeds are centuries old, and there are a lot of gaps in their history. What we do know is that the Beagle was originally bred in England as a hunting dog for rabbits and small game like hare, while the American Foxhound was bred for fox hunting.

In terms of appearance and temperament, though, they're pretty similar—so why did both breeds survive? The Beagle's popularity probably has something to do with its small size (under 20 pounds). This makes it easier for kids or elderly people to handle one during hunting trips! They also have excellent hearing and can be trained to follow their human masters' scent trails.

The American Foxhound isn't as well-known as his English cousin but has many talents too: His speed allows him to hunt down even faster prey; his nose makes him ideal at tracking scents through thick brush; he's so friendly that some owners keep him indoors rather than outside because he loves cuddling on laps!

What is the difference between a foxhound and a Harrier?

When people hear the word "harrier," they may think of a type of dog. When they hear the word "foxhound," they may also think of a type of dog. In fact, they're both correct!

Harriers are a very old breed and have been used for centuries to hunt foxes in Great Britain and Ireland. There are many kinds of harriers, but all share one thing in common: They have been bred for their skills as scent hounds—dogs that follow scents on the ground rather than air currents or other visual cues. Foxhounds were developed as another form of scent hound specifically designed to hunt foxes; over time, however, many types of foxhounds were bred with harriers so that when people say "foxhound" today they really mean any kind of hunting dog bred to track down prey using its nose rather than by sight (or other senses).

American Foxhound beagle mix

If you're looking for a pet that's easy to train, American Foxhound beagle mix is perfect. The two breeds have similar temperaments and characteristics, so this will make training easier than if you had a mixed breed that had different behavioral traits.

The American Foxhound beagle mix is one of the most popular mixed-breed dogs in the United States. They are loyal and affectionate with their family members but can have trouble when it comes to strangers or other pets in the home. They make great watchdogs as well because they are very alert and bark at anything out of place.

American Foxhound lab mix

The American Foxhound Lab Mix is a popular crossbreed dog and one of the most sought-after designer breeds.

The American Foxhound Labrador Retriever mix is also known as an American Foxhound Labrador mix.

This hybrid dog has a medium build, with a height ranging between 15-25 inches (38–64 cm) and weight of 25–60 pounds (11–27 kg).

They have short hair that sheds minimally, so brushing them once every two weeks will be enough to keep your house clean from shedding fur.

English Foxhound vs American Foxhound

The American Foxhound is a breed of dog known for its ability to hunt foxes. Unlike many other breeds that are good with children, the American Foxhound is not considered a good guard dog because they bark frequently while they're awake. However, they do tend to get along well with other animals and dogs, so there's no need to worry about them bothering the mailman or keeping you up at night.

American Foxhound breeders

When buying a Foxhound, there are several important things to consider:

  • Where you buy the dog from. While looking for a breeder in your area, take time to check out their website and social media pages. If they seem unprofessional or inexperienced, it may be best to look elsewhere. If the breeder seems knowledgeable and has been breeding dogs for years, then they might be a good fit for you.

  • How much does an American Foxhound cost? Prices can vary significantly depending on where you live and who you’re buying from; however, prices generally range from $200-$1000+.

  • What is the average lifespan of an American Foxhound? The average lifespan for these dogs is 10-13 years; however some have lived up to 20 years!

Three American Foxhound dogs for sale


As you can see, the American Foxhound is a great family dog who loves children and other dogs. They have an affectionate nature, but they’re also very protective of their owners. If you are looking for a dog that will make your family feel protected at all times while still being friendly towards strangers then this breed may be perfect for you!

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