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October 14, 2022 31 min read


Airedales are medium-sized dogs with short, harsh coats. They have a distinctively rectangular head and a broad muzzle. Airedale Terriers are known for their bold personalities, intelligence and loyalty. This breed has been around since the 1800s and has been used in World War I and II as messenger dogs among other things. To find out more about how to care for your Airedale Terrier go ahead and read on!

Airedale Terrier Breed Overview

The Airedale Terrier is a medium-sized dog breed and was developed in the United Kingdom. Originating as a hunting dog, it has been used to hunt large game such as foxes, badgers and otters. The Airedale Terrier was bred by crossing the Otterhound with the Waterside Terrier.

The breed has a long, flat coat which can be straight or wavy and comes in many colors. Their coat requires regular brushing to prevent tangles and mats forming. The Airedale Terrier's hunting instincts make him/her energetic outside of the home; however he/she also loves human companionship indoors!

Characteristics of the Airedale Terrier

Airedale Terrier is a medium-sized dog with a short coat, long tail and large head. The ears are small by comparison.

Airedale Terrier in the wild

History of the Airedale Terrier

The Airedale Terrier is a working and sporting dog, bred to hunt gamebirds, rabbits and vermin.

The breed was developed in England by the Reverend John "Jack" Russell at his home in the county of Yorkshire. He crossed his own curs with terriers obtained from various fox hunters in the area around his home, as well as local Bull Terriers. The resulting dogs were larger than the original Fox Terrier but smaller than the Bull Terrier; they were also known for their strength, stamina and high energy levels. These qualities made them ideal for hunting hare effectively over long distances without tiring out too quickly.

Airedale Terrier Appearance

There are two basic types of Airedale Terrier appearance. The first is the traditional type, with a long tail, drop ears, and a beard. This type was developed from the Old English Water Spaniel and Bedlington Terrier breeds. The second type is known as the “Rare” or “Showline” Airedale Terrier. They have shorter tails and straight ears that stand up on their heads like other terriers. Their coats are also longer and softer than those of traditional Airedales, which gives them an overall calmer appearance than their counterparts—but don’t let that fool you! Just because they don't look as tough doesn't mean they can't hold their own in a fight!

Both types of Airedale Terriers share some common characteristics beyond just appearance:

  • They weigh between 35-60 pounds (16-27 kg) when fully grown; females tend to be larger than males

  • They have muscular bodies covered with either short or medium length hair

Airedale Terrier Personality

Airedales are loyal, playful and affectionate. They are intelligent, energetic and friendly as well. Aireedles are protective and brave too. Airedales can be independent at times but they also like to cuddle up with their family members in bed or on the couch when it's time for some relaxing!

Airedales love children and get along well with other dogs. However, if you have a dog that does not like other animals or is aggressive towards them then you will want to keep your Airedale away from him/her because your pet may take offense to this behavior which could result in a fight between both pets so please take extra precautions when introducing ANY new pet into your home especially if they start showing signs of aggression towards each other then try separating them until they get used to seeing each other every day before letting them interact with each other again (this gives them time).

Airedale Terrier Temperament

The Airedale Terrier is a medium-sized working dog. It has a long, low-set, powerful body with sturdy bone and a deep chest. It comes in three different coat types: rough, broken, and short. The coat is harsh to touch but sheds minimally. Colors are brown or red with white markings on the chest or feet. Airedales have a square head with wide skull bones, small eyes set well apart, large floppy ears that hang close to their cheeks when relaxed or droop when alert (called "rose ears"), and a black nose.

The temperament of the Airedale Terrier is one of its most notable qualities: they are loyal and loving companions who form strong bonds with their owners; they can sometimes be protective towards children if not socialized enough as puppies; they need lots of exercise so it's best if you live in an area where there are plenty of parks nearby so you can go hiking or running together every day!

Airedale Terrier stand on the lawn

Where to Adopt or Buy a Airedale Terrier?

  • Local shelters and rescues. It's always a good idea to check with your local animal shelter. They'll have the most recent information on Airedale Terriers available for adoption in the area and may even be able to tell you if any are expected to come in soon. Many shelters also offer adoption counseling, so be sure to take advantage of this service if it's available!

  • Private breeders or online classifieds sites like eBay or Craigslist could be another option - but make sure they have references (and never pay anything upfront!)

  • Breed rescue groups are another great choice because they tend to have dogs that they've rescued from less-than-ideal situations (such as neglect or abuse), which means those animals often need lots of extra love and care before they can be adopted out again—but once their trust has been earned, many will become loyal family members who live long happy lives once given the chance at love!

What’s the Price of Airedale Terrier?

The price of an Airedale Terrier puppy depends on the breeder. The average cost is anywhere from $600 to $1,400, but expect prices to increase if you want a puppy with a particular pedigree or one that’s healthy and has been bred by a reputable breeder. The older and healthier your puppy is, the more likely it will be expensive because those puppies are in high demand and there aren't many available.

However, as always with animals purchased online or from pet stores (not breeder sources), you should expect that your purchase may come with some health issues like parasites or allergies that could cost hundreds more to treat later on down the road.

Diet and Nutrition of Airedale Terrier

Airedales are prone to obesity and can be prone to bone and joint problems, so you should make sure that your Airedale is getting a high-quality diet. A good diet for an Airedale would contain:

  • High protein

  • High fat (including omega 3 fatty acids)

  • Plenty of calcium and vitamin D

If you have any questions about your dog's diet or nutrition, talk to your vet!

Pros of Airedale Terrier

Airedale Terriers are a breed known for their intelligence and vitality, which makes them great companions. They are affectionate, loyal and protective dogs that enjoy being around people. They are easy to train and learn quickly; they are also very loyal, so if you don't want an Airedale Terrier puppy chewing on your furniture or shoes then this is not the right dog for you!

Airedales love playing with children as well as other pets (including other dogs). They make great watchdogs because they bark when someone comes into your house or yard without permission. If someone tries to break in then they will attack them until they're gone or dead...

Cons of Airedale Terrier

Airedale Terriers are not good with children.

Airedale Terriers are not good with other dogs.

Airedale Terriers are not good with cats.

Airedale terriers are not good with strangers.

This animal species can be affectionate, but only when it's alone or around their owner, who they view as their alpha male/female in the pack hierarchy—a position that should only be held by humans (at least in theory!). They will bond to one person and one person only, so if you have a large family of children who want to play with your newfound pet, your best bet would be to get another dog instead of an Airedale Terrier puppy—or any dog at all!

Things to know if you own a Airedale Terrier

If you are considering a Airedale Terrier, there are a few things to keep in mind. The first thing is that Airedales are active dogs and need plenty of exercise. They love to run, play games and go for long walks.

The second thing is that Airedales are intelligent dogs who benefit from training. They can learn quickly but can also be stubborn if they don’t understand what you want them to do.

The third thing is that Airedales need socialization as puppies so they grow up with the confidence and maturity needed for good behavior as adults.

Finally, remember how loving these dogs are when deciding whether or not this breed is right for you!

Airedale Terrier sitting in the yard


Airedales are energetic dogs that require a lot of exercise. They love to go on long walks and play in the backyard with you or your family members. If you don't have time for long walks, Airedales can get their energy out by running around the house or participating in dog sports.

Airedale Terriers are very intelligent dogs and need a lot of mental stimulation as well as physical exercise to keep them happy and healthy.


Training is key for any dog. While some breeds require more training than others, it's important to start early and consistently. Airedales are often referred to as "the clown of the dog world," but don't let their goofy personality fool you—they're not easy to train.

  • Be consistent. Set up a schedule and stick with it: 15 minutes of walk time every day, then 20 minutes on Monday, 25 minutes on Tuesday and so forth; or feed your Airedale three meals per day at 8 am, 12 pm and 6 pm every day until she's trained (or at least close). This will help establish a routine that she can rely on without getting bored or frustrated by constant changes in her schedule.

  • Start small before working up from there—don't start off by trying to teach your Airedale how to play chess with just one session! It may take several months for an untrained pup like yours before he'll be able do things like sit down or roll over without prompting; this isn't necessarily because he's being stubborn about it either—it just takes time for dogs' brains develop enough so they understand what we mean when we give them these commands regularly (which is why puppy kindergarten classes are such an important step).


An Airedale Terrier's coat needs regular brushing to keep it clean and healthy. The breed is known for having a "wash and wear" coat, which means it doesn't require lots of bathing and grooming. However, Airedales do shed heavily throughout the year, so you will need to vacuum or sweep your home frequently if you have one as a pet. Because of their dense double coats, Airedales require regular brushing to remove dead hair and maintain their shiny appearance.


Bathing an Airedale:

  • Bathe your Airedale on a regular basis.

  • Use a mild shampoo, and avoid using anything that has any kind of mint or citrus smell in it.

  • Make sure to rinse thoroughly, as these dogs have coarse hair that can trap dirt and debris if not rinsed properly. Brushing an Airedale: * Brushing is essential for keeping your dog's coat shiny and free of mats. You should brush their fur at least twice a week, but more often if the weather is humid or hot. Cleaning an Airedale's teeth: * If you want to avoid dental problems later in life, then you should start cleaning your dog's teeth when they are still young (less than two years old). You can use doggie toothpaste with fluoride or even human toothpaste if you prefer it over the made-for-dogs version. There are also many different brands available, so try out different techniques until you find one that works best for both yourself and your pet! Nail clipping: * When trimming nails, be careful not to clip too much off at once; otherwise this could lead to bleeding! Instead start by trimming just one nail before moving onto another one until all of them have been trimmed evenly enough so there won't be any bleeding involved during/after each procedure has been completed successfully without causing any damage either physically or emotionally speaking within either party involved in this process being performed here today."

Airedale Terrier FAQs

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Are Airedale Terriers good family dogs?

Airedales are known for their loyalty and protectiveness, so they make great family dogs. They’re also extremely intelligent and need to be trained from an early age. A well-trained Airedale Terrier can be a wonderful playmate for children, but it's important that the dog is taught basic manners and commands like "sit" or "stay."

Because these dogs have such high energy levels, they need plenty of physical activity each day. They do well in an environment where there is room for them to run around freely outdoors or indoors on leash (and if you have a yard).

Are Airedale Terriers aggressive dogs?

Airedales are not aggressive dogs. They are good with kids, other dogs, cats and strangers. Airedales can be territorial and if they feel threatened or scared they will bark but this does not mean the dog is aggressive. It's important to know that the Airedale Terrier was originally bred as a hunting dog so it's natural for them to be more energetic than other breeds of dog.

Airedale Terrier running fast

Do Airedale dogs bark a lot?

If you've ever owned an Airedale Terrier, you know that they are very vocal dogs. They bark to alert you of any danger, but they also bark when they want something (like a treat), or when they're bored and need some attention from their human companions.

Airedales love to be around people and will happily "bark" at your feet as well as outside doors, windows or other objects that attract their attention. Their bark is very distinctive in nature so if you hear it coming from the street it will most likely belong to an Airedale Terrier!

Do Airedale terriers like to cuddle?

Airedales are known to be affectionate dogs, so yes. They love to cuddle with their owners and show them how much they care. This can be seen in how they behave around children or other people, especially when those people are present for a long time.

Airedales are not aggressive dogs and will not attack anyone unless they feel threatened or challenged by someone else in the room. Unlike other breeds of dogs that may show aggression if provoked, an Airedale terrier will only bite if he feels like he has no other choice between defending himself and letting the aggressor win.

Why do Airedales sleep on their backs?

Airedale terrier puppies are born with their eyes open, their teeth and claws fully developed and their ears erect. They also have a full coat of fur. This means that the first few weeks of an Airedale’s life are spent learning to walk and get around, which helps explain why they sleep on their backs!

Airedales are very active dogs so it’s not unusual for them to be up at all hours of the day and night. A mother Airedale will often stay awake during the night to watch over her puppies while they sleep on their backs.

Will an Airedale protect you?

You can rest easy knowing that your Airedale will protect you from harm. You should never have to worry about being attacked or harmed by a stranger, because your dog will make sure of it. An Airedale might not be able to physically stop someone who is trying to hurt you, but they do have the ability to bark loudly and scare away any potential attackers.

They are also protective of their owners when they are out in public places as well as in their own homes. They will bark at strangers who come too close and may even growl or snap at them if they get too close (especially if the person has trespassed on private property). While some people consider this behavior aggressive, most dogs only do this out of fear because they don't know how else they can tell strangers not to come closer without causing physical harm themselves.

While this behavior might sound scary at first glance, there's no need for alarm: your Airedale would rather run away than bite anyone unless he believes his life depends on defending himself from harm--or yours!

What age do Airedales calm down?

Airedales are known to be energetic, but they do calm down as they get older. Airedales can be good with children, but it is important to teach them how to play with the dog.

Airedale Terrier lying on the snow

Can Airedale Terriers be left alone?

Airedales are very loyal and protective dogs. They will bark when they hear a strange noise, but they can be left alone for up to 5 hours without needing a walk. This means that you could leave your Airedale at home while you go out with friends or run errands, but it’s not recommended because of the breed’s tendency to bark. Airedales need attention and affection from their owners!

They also don’t like being left alone for long periods of time—so this breed isn't ideal if you work long hours every day.

What are Airedales known for?

Airedales are known for their hunting, tracking and guarding abilities. They are also known for their intelligence and loyalty. Airedales have the ability to swim and retrieve at a very high speed, making them excellent swimmers in the water.

Do Airedale terriers need grooming?

Airedales need regular grooming. It is recommended that you brush your Airedale daily, and bathe him or her once or twice a week. You should also make sure to have their teeth brushed daily, as this will help prevent dental problems in the future. Airedales should be clipped every 6-8 weeks to keep them looking good and keep their coat from becoming matted or tangled. They should have their nails clipped weekly so they don’t grow too long and potentially get caught on things like carpeting or furniture fabric while playing with other pets at home.

How much exercise does an Airedale need?

Airedale Terriers are medium-sized dogs that need moderate exercise. How much exercise an Airedale needs depends on their age, breed and activity level... Whether you want a low-energy dog for a relaxing lifestyle or a high-energy dog for an active one, check out our full guide to choosing the right breed for you.

Are Airedales hypoallergenic?

Good news for folks with allergies looking to adopt a dog: Airedales are hypoallergenic. Hypoallergenic is the term used to describe dogs that do not shed much and have a low dander count, which means they produce fewer allergens than other breeds. That doesn't mean you can give an Airedale your grandmother's prized antique lamp without her noticing some hair on it—but it does mean that if you're allergic to pets (or just aren't a fan of fur), an Airedale might be your best bet.

Studies have found that people who own dogs with low dander counts are less likely to suffer from allergies than those who own dogs with high dander counts. This can be attributed in part because of their short-haired coats, which make them less likely than long-haired breeds like poodles or Maltese terriers to spread allergens around your house by shedding .

Should I get a male or female Airedale Terrier?

Airedale terriers are a good choice for families with children, first-time dog owners, and people who live in apartments or condos. They're easy to train and have a high energy level, so they love spending time outside playing fetch or chasing balls. Airedales also make great companions for adults who enjoy being active—they can go jogging with you every morning before work if you want!

Airedales are not recommended for elderly people because they're very active and tend to put on weight easily if their exercise routine isn't maintained properly. If you're looking for an indoor companion that won't need much exercise but still wants plenty of attention from its owner (and why wouldn't my favorite pup?), consider adopting one of these adorable pups instead.

Airedale Terrier by the fence

Why does my Airedale groan?

The Airedale is known to be a very vocal dog. This means that they tend to express themselves through sounds, including groaning. Groaning can be a sign of discomfort or pain in your pet, but it can also indicate other underlying issues as well. Groaning can be caused by age, illness or injury and is often accompanied by limping on the front legs. If you notice this behavior in your Airedale Terrier it's important that you get him checked out ASAP because he may have developed an injury or disease that requires treatment from a veterinarian.

Groaning can also be caused by anxiety and stress due to changes in their environment such as the introduction of new people into the house or moving furniture around without them knowing about it beforehand - these kinds of changes are stressful for dogs because they need time to adapt before large changes happen so try not making any sudden movements around them until they've settled down again!

Do Airedale terriers like to run?

Airedale terriers are energetic and love to run. They are also good at running, so you should take them for a run every day if you can. If you can't go for a run with them, they will be happy to play fetch indoors or out, especially if the weather is nice (in which case they may try to get you outside into the sun).

Are Airedales good swimmers?

Airedales love water and are good at swimming. They can swim for a long time, even when the water is cold. Airedales love to play in the water and will often roll around in mud or snow, especially if it has a scent of their favorite thing: rabbit!

Are Airedales good with cats?

Airedales are a great companion for cats, but they may be a little too energetic for some cats. Airedales are notorious for being very playful and energetic. They tend to get along well with other dogs, but in order to keep everyone safe, it's important that you train your Airedale puppy how to play with other pets.

Airedales have been bred as hunting dogs since their creation, so they have a strong prey drive toward small animals such as cats and rabbits. While this can make them good guard dogs against intruders who try to sneak into your home at night while you're asleep, remember that they will also try to chase down any small animal outside your home! If possible, keep Fido leashed while out on walks so he doesn't run off after another pet.

Are Airedales good hiking dogs?

Yes, Airedales are good hiking dogs. They are born climbers and have a love of the outdoors. If you're looking for an active pup who will enjoy hikes with you, then the Airedale Terrier is right for you!

Is an Airedale a hunting dog?

Yes, Airedales are hunting dogs. They're great at hunting small game and can be trained to hunt larger animals. In fact, many Airedale owners train their dogs to track and retrieve different kinds of game to keep them busy when they're not out running around the yard.

Airedale Terrier in the garden

Why do Airedale legs shake?

Airedale legs shake when they're tired, excited, nervous or scared. It's a natural reaction that occurs in Airedales and many other dog breeds. The best way to prevent this from happening is by keeping your Airedale well-exercised and having plenty of games/toys to play with it.

Are Airedales stubborn?

Airedales are smart dogs that can be trained, but they can also become stubborn when they want to. If you are consistent and patient when training your Airedale, he'll do what you ask of him. As with any intelligent dog breed, the key is getting them interested in learning from you. This can be accomplished through games like hide-and-seek or tug-of-war (with a rope toy).

Airedales love exercise and will thrive on lots of it! They're great at learning tricks and fun activities that keep their mind busy while giving them the physical activity they need.

Are Airedale Terriers obedient?

Airedale Terriers are intelligent dogs, and they can learn quickly. Because of their intelligence, these dogs need to be handled by an owner who is knowledgeable about training and willing to spend time with them. Airedale Terriers are independent thinkers and may not follow commands if they don't understand them. They also tend to be stubborn, which makes training difficult at times.

An Airedale Terrier's obedience will improve as your relationship with him improves; this means that you should always treat him kindly and reward him when he does something right.

How do you keep Airedales busy?

Airedales are smart, active dogs that need mental stimulation. They can be taught to do tricks and trained for agility, hunting and tracking.

How do you train an Airedale?

Airedales are intelligent, friendly and obedient dogs that make great companions. They typically get along well with children and other pets, but they are not recommended for homes with small pets such as rabbits or guinea pigs.

Airedale Terriers are extremely food motivated and will do just about anything to get a treat or toy! This makes them ideal candidates for advanced training because they can learn quickly and easily understand new concepts if you provide them with enough positive reinforcement.

Since Airedales have high energy levels, it's important for owners to provide plenty of activity throughout the day so that their minds stay sharp and alert (and keep them from tearing apart your furniture). If you're not able to give your dog enough exercise each day then consider enrolling in some sort of obedience class where both you and your canine friend can learn new tricks together!

How much do I feed my Airedale puppy?

When you're feeding your Airedale puppy, it's important to remember that they need more calories than an adult dog. They grow quickly, which makes it vital to provide them with plenty of food.

  • Feed a puppy 2-3 times a day

  • Feed a puppy 3-4 cups of food per day

  • Feed an adult Airedale 1 cup of food per 25 pounds of body weight

As your pup grows into adulthood, you'll want to adjust the amount you feed them accordingly. You should divide their daily amount in half if you feed them twice a day and feed nothing at all if they only have access to dry kibble when no one is home.

Do Airedales have separation anxiety?

Airedales can be very attached to their owners and, like many dogs, may suffer from separation anxiety when left alone. They are not as destructive as some other breeds but can still cause a fair amount of damage in their search for something to chew. The best way to avoid this is by providing your Airedale with plenty of toys while you are away so that they have something else to focus on besides chewing up your furniture or shoes.

Airedale Terrier with a beagle

How much exercise does an Airdale need?

  • Daily: A minimum of 30 minutes a day, preferably several times per day.

  • Weekly: A minimum of 1 hour a week in the form of an extended walk or game (like fetch).

  • Monthly: If possible, include some physical activity that gets your dog's heart rate up like running, swimming or agility training at least once every few months.

What breed of dog looks like a small Airedale?

Airedale Terriers are a medium-sized, short-coated dog breed of the terrier group. They have a long, flat head, with erect ears and a tail that curls over their back.

Airedales are known for their intelligence and loyalty.

Do Airedale Terriers make good watchdogs?

Airedale Terriers make excellent watchdogs. They are very protective of their family and home, and they will bark at strangers to let the family know that someone is there. They are also not shy about challenging intruders if necessary, so you can count on them for protection should anyone try to break into your home or yard.

However, this does not mean that Airedales make good watchdogs without proper training from an early age. If you haven't taught your dog what behaviors are acceptable in your household or how to respond when something unusual happens, then it's unlikely that he'll be able to provide any sort of protection for you in an emergency situation

Are Airedales high maintenance?

Airedales are very high maintenance dogs and need a lot of care and attention. They require regular grooming, training and exercise to keep them happy and healthy.

Airingales are medium-sized dogs with a life expectancy of 10 to 13 years. However, there have been reports that some Airedales have lived up to 15 years old!

Airedales shed very heavily during the summer months and should be brushed regularly during this time to remove excess hair that would otherwise be ingested by humans or other animals who come in contact with them (see our article on how much dog fur is toxic).

How often should Airedales be bathed?

Airedales should be bathed before they are groomed, after they have been playing in the mud, and after they have been rolling in the dirt.

How often should you hand strip an Airedale Terrier?

Hand stripping is a grooming technique that helps remove dead hair and keeps the coat healthy. The tool used to do hand stripping is called a stripping knife, which resembles an old-fashioned razor blade. Airedale Terriers should be stripped by hand every 3 months to remove any loose hair or dander, which can cause allergies in people who have sensitive skin. To perform this procedure on your own dog, you need:

  • A stripping knife (available at most pet stores) and sharpener

  • Enough nail clippers so that each of your four limbs has one pair clipped before you begin (this will reduce the amount of time it takes)

How big will my Airedale get?

Airedales are medium-sized dogs that can grow to be as big as 40 inches tall. However, they typically weigh between 30 and 70 pounds. Airedales live 12 to 15 years on average.

Airedale Terrier running in the forest

How much exercise does a 6 month old Airedale need?

Airedale puppies, like many other breeds of dogs, need lots of exercise. They are energetic and need their daily exercise to keep them happy and healthy.

Airedales require a minimum amount of 30 minutes of walking every day as well as opportunities for play time with other dogs or toys such as fetching balls. They also need to be taken on a daily run or walk where they can run in all directions to their heart’s content. If possible, Airedales should have access to a large fenced yard where they can run around freely without fear of escaping.

Are Airedales fast?

Airedales are fast, but not as fast as a greyhound. An average Airedale can run up to 30 mph, making them one of the fastest dogs you'll find. This means that if you're looking for a dog that's going to be able to keep up with you in a sprint, the Airedale is an excellent choice. They're also faster than most other breeds so if your goal is to compete in an agility competition or just want your dog around for exercise purposes, they will do well at keeping pace with you.

However, if speed isn't what matters most to you and instead fun-loving companionship is something that appeals more strongly then perhaps consider other options such as Labrador Retrievers who are known for being playful and gentle with children and pets alike!

How far can an Airedale Terrier run?

An Airedale is an athletic dog, and they have a lot of endurance. If you take them for a run on the treadmill, they can run up to 20 miles per hour. It’s not surprising that these dogs have such a high speed, because they are known for their speed and endurance.

When it comes to how far an Airedale can run, it depends on how long you want your dog to run. Each dog has a different energy level and some may be able to run longer than others before needing a break; however, most Airedales would find it difficult or impossible to go so far as 20 miles in one day!

What are Airedoodle puppies?

Airedoodles are a cross between an Airedale Terrier and a Poodle. They're smart, energetic, and friendly dogs that can be great family pets. They love to play outside and are good with kids. Airedoodles are great at learning tricks like high-fives or other simple commands like "sit" or "stay."

Because they're crossbreeds, Airedoodles don't shed much hair—which means they won't leave as much fur on your clothes as other dogs do! That makes them ideal for people who have allergies or asthma because they're less likely to trigger symptoms in sensitive individuals.

What colors do Airedales come in?

Airedales come in the following colors:

  • Red, black and tan

  • Blue merle

  • Blue (with a gray coat and light blue eyes)

  • Chocolate (with a dark brown coat and brown eyes)

These colors are not recognized by the American Kennel Club (AKC), United Kennel Club (UKC) or Canadian Kennel Club (CKC).

Are there different types of Airedales?

There are two main types of Airedale Terrier: the redline and the oorang. The redline Airedale is a smaller version of the oorang, with fewer markings and a shorter coat. The breed standard for both types was established in 1907 and has remained largely unchanged since then, though there are some minor variations between individual dogs that aren't considered to be significant enough to affect their eligibility for competition or breeding programs.

Airedale Terrier standing on the snow

Are there black Airedales?

Yes, there are black Airedales. They're dark brown and have dark brown eyes. These dogs are called black tri's, because they have three colors that make up their coat: black, tan, and white. Black tri's are rarer than other colors—about one in 20 Airedales is born this color.

Black tri's start out as solid black puppies, but as they get older and their fur grows in, it turns into a rich brown color with lighter tips on the ears and tail.

Do Airedales like heat?

Airedales are not good in heat. They don’t do well in hot weather, and they are better suited to cooler climates. Airedales have been bred to work in cold climates, hunting game such as rabbits and badgers. They were bred to be tough and able to withstand the elements of cold weather.

Are Airedale terriers good apartment dogs?

Airedales are not good apartment dogs. They need a lot of exercise and don't do well when left alone for long periods of time. Airedales are best suited to the country, where they can roam freely and will be happy hunting rodents or chasing after balls thrown by their owners. If you work long hours every day, this breed is not for you because it will be left on its own for most of the day.

Are Airedale terriers smart?

Airedale terriers are very smart dogs. They are quite easy to train and learn quickly. Airedales are also good at problem solving, which means they can be trained to do tricks like sit, stay, roll over and more.

How long do Airedale dogs live?

The average lifespan of an Airedale Terrier is 10-12 years. Some Airedale dogs live to be 15 years old or older. In general, larger terriers tend to have shorter lifespans than smaller dogs.

Were Airedale terriers used in ww2?

You might be surprised to learn that Airedales were not just a symbol of British patriotism during World War II, but also played a practical role in wartime. During the war, Airedales were used as messenger dogs, sentry dogs and guard dogs. They helped deliver vital messages between military personnel on the front lines and headquarters; they guarded airfields and other military installations; they even pulled carts carrying supplies!

What is a redline Airedale?

A redline Airedale is a specific type of Airedale, bred for show purposes. They are a mix of Airedales and other breeds, such as the Dachshund or Beagle. Redliners are known for their unique look, but you can rest assured that they have the same great temperament as any other type of Airedale!

Airedale Terrier lying on the leaves

What is an oorang Airedale?

The oorang dog was a breed of dog that was created by the Oorang Indians, a Native American football team and circus troupe. The breed was initially called the oorang dog, but when all of its members died in 1929, it became extinct.

The Oorang Indians were a tribe of mixed-race people who immigrated to America from Punjab, India at some point during the early 1900s (the exact year is unknown). They were founded by two brothers named Harry and Walter Ah Toy who were born into wealth but decided they wanted more than what their family could provide them. They left home determined to make their own fortunes and started their own traveling show business company called "The Great Gama."

In 1925 they purchased some land in Michigan where they built a stadium with bleachers for spectators and ringed it with cages for animals like tigers and bears so that people could watch them perform tricks during halftime shows between football games played by local high school students as well as professional athletes such as Jim Thorpe who played for Canton Bulldogs under coach Glenn “Pop” Warner (who later coached Notre Dame Fighting Irish).

Where do Airedale dogs come from?

Airedales are descendants of the Otterhound and the Pyrenean Mountain Dog. These two breeds were bred to hunt for otters and mountain lions, respectively, and their skills were passed on to their offspring.

The Airedale Terrier was developed as a water-retrieving hunting dog in Yorkshire, England during the 19th century by mixing several different types of terriers. The name Airedale comes from their close association with that area: Aire means “river” in Old English; dale means “valley” or “valley floor” in Old Norse.

Are male or female Airedales better?

When it comes to choosing between a male or female Airedale Terrier, the answer is simple: both. While one might seem better suited for your needs than the other, there is no right or wrong choice. If you're looking for a lap dog who likes to cuddle, a female might be your best bet. But if you have children and want something protective around them—or if they're prone to poking things with sticks and need some supervision—you may lean toward a male.

If you're still unsure which gender is right for you, consider these qualities of each side:

  • Female Airedales are more affectionate than their male counterparts. They love being petted, scratched behind their ears and give kisses freely without any hesitation whatsoever. They'll follow you everywhere as well!

  • Male Airedales are more territorial than females; they bark at strangers coming into their home much more often than females do (and sometimes even sleep outside). They also tend not visit people's homes as often as females do because of this instinctual behavior towards protecting what belongs solely theirs--including family members like children should they ever enter into danger while playing outside alone near dusk/nightfall hours . . . which could lead us back into another topic entirely!

How long should I walk my Airedale?

This question is a tough one to answer because there are so many factors that come into play. If your Airedale is younger and still learning to heel, you’ll want to maintain a slower pace than if they’re older and experienced on the leash. Additionally, their activity level plays into how long you should be taking them out on walks. Their breed may also influence their exercise requirements; some dogs require more physical activity than others.

How do you stop Airedale barking?

Start by getting your Airedale to stop barking on command. Teach them to bark on command, and then when they bark, tell them “No” in a firm tone. If they continue to bark, walk away from them or leave the room while they continue to do so. You can also try doing something else with your Airedale that they like doing when you see them starting their barking behavior again.

If ignoring the behavior doesn't work and neither does rewarding it, then you may need a different approach...

At what age do Airedale Terriers calm down?

  • Airedales are very energetic dogs and need a lot of exercise to remain calm. They are not the best apartment dogs because they do require daily exercise, but if you live in an area that allows off-leash walks (and your dog is well-trained), Airedales make great apartment pets.

  • Airedale Terriers need plenty of attention, affection and playtime with their owners. They also love to be part of family activities—they're often referred to as "the clown" in the canine world because they like making people laugh! But don't let that fool you—Airedales thrive on being active members of their families, so if you plan on having one as your pet make sure he/she gets enough attention from the whole family or else there may be some behavioral problems down the road with your dog acting out when left alone too long without any play time outside his/her normal routine (which usually includes going for walks around town).

Airedale Terrier with sheep

Do Airedales ever calm down?

While Airedales are very energetic and active dogs, they can also be quite calm. However, this is only true if the Airedale has been given a lot of exercise and playtime regularly. If an Airedale has not been properly exercised or taken on long walks or runs on a regular basis, then it will become very energetic and excited when it does get its chance to run around.

Airedales need to have plenty of time spent with them so that they don't become bored and develop bad behaviour like chewing things up or barking too much in an effort to entertain themselves with no one around to do anything fun with them at home!

Are Airedale terriers good with cats?

Some Airedales will get along with cats, but some won't. If your dog is a rescue or if you bring an older Airedale into the home, it's important to keep in mind that there are many factors that could affect how comfortable they are around cats. Some dogs have been abused by cats in the past, while others have never had any experience with them at all.

Airedales are high energy dogs who love playing and running around outside—and they tend to be very loyal towards their owners. They also need a lot of attention from humans because they're very intelligent animals—so if you plan on having an Airedale as part of your household and are adding another pet (such as a cat), then this might not be the best fit for both parties involved!

Is there a miniature Airedale?

There is no such thing as a miniature Airedale. Airedales are a medium-sized breed of dog, and they range in size from 23 to 27 inches at the shoulder. They are not small dogs and they are not large dogs; they are simply medium-sized animals that have certain characteristics associated with them.

Is there a miniature Airedale?

Many people think that the Airedale Terrier is a miniature version of the full-sized Airedale. However, there is no such thing as a miniature Airedale. Airedales are known for being big dogs and they don't come in sizes other than medium-sized.

Even though they are known to be large, there are still some things that make this breed different from other dogs: their ears are pointed at the tips and they have long coats with lots of hair on them that may require regular brushing. They also don't shed much so you won't notice any loose hairs floating around your house or yard!

Whats the difference between a Welsh Terrier and an Airedale?

As you might have guessed, the two breeds are quite different.

The Airedale is a much larger dog than the Welsh Terrier, with a heavier build and more active nature. They can weigh anywhere from 30 to 50 pounds and stand up to 2 feet tall at their shoulder. Their coat is also longer than that of Welsh Terriers, which makes them more suited for colder climates because they retain heat better with their thicker fur.

While both breeds have long coats, they're not identical; Airedales have shorter muzzles (or faces) than Welsh Terriers as well as slightly longer tails. This affects both their appearance and behavior; Airedales tend to be more outgoing than their cousins due in part to this anatomical difference between them!

Airedale Terrier lying on the couch

Why do Airedales shake?

Airedales are known for their signature shaking, which often causes them to look like they're shivering. The good news is that Airedale Terriers don't actually shake from being cold. In fact, their coats are bred to be so thick and warm that the breed can survive in temperatures below freezing without any extra protection.

Airedales may also shake when nervous or over-excited; this is a natural reaction that helps them cool down after an intense physical activity. It's important not to mistake this type of shaking with true anxiety, which can be caused by other factors like socialization issues or lack of training/exercise as a puppy and should be addressed immediately by a veterinarian or behaviorist if detected early enough on in your dog's life (before they become full-grown).

Do Airedales make good therapy dogs?

Airedales make good therapy dogs. They are intelligent, friendly and loyal. Airedale Terriers can be trained to help people with disabilities or autism, among other things.

If you want to learn more about the training process for a therapy dog, check out our article on how to train your own therapy dog!

How do you train an Airedale puppy?

The Airedale Terrier is an intelligent and affectionate breed, but they can be stubborn. If you've decided to bring home a puppy, it's important to start training right away—even if your pup is only a few months old. It's up to you to teach them the basics: how to walk on a lead; sit and stay; come when called; shake hands; lay down at your feet; give you a paw.

Your Airedale will learn faster if he has fun doing it! Use positive reinforcement techniques such as treats and praise when he does something right, so that he associates good behaviors with good feelings (and bad behaviors with bad feelings).


We hope that this guide has helped you understand Airedale Terriers better. If you have any more questions or would like to learn more about these beautiful dogs, please let us know in the comments below!

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