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June 06, 2022 6 min read 2 Comments

If you've ever wondered what it's like to have a white pitbull, then read on to find out!

Breed Overview

Height: 17-22 inches
Weight: 25-60 pounds
Color: White
Coat: Short
Lifespan: 12-15 years
Temperament: Friendly, intelligent,loyal

The White Pitbull is a purebred dog breed that has been identified by the American Kennel Club (AKC) since 2010. White Pitbulls are recognized for their intelligence, loyalty, and friendly nature. They are also known for being fierce guard dogs with a reputation for aggression toward other animals and people.
The white coat is recessive to the other coat colors listed above (black or brown).

Image Credit: Alexandra Draghici​​/Getty Images

Characteristics of the white pitbull

White pitbulls are not albino. They have normal pigmentation, but it's distributed differently than in other dogs.
The gene responsible for this phenotype is called the piebald spotting pattern modifier (Sop) gene. The White Pit Bull Terrier Club of America states that white pitbulls have a higher risk of developing skin cancer than other types of dogs.

History of the white pitbull

white pitbull running in the grass
Image Credit: jbouma09​​/Getty Images

The White Pitbull is not albino, nor are they a different breed of dog. They are simply white Pitbulls. Many people think that the White Pitbull is an albino and that they were bred to be this way. However, there has been no evidence of any genetic defect in their DNA or any other difference between them and standard colored pitbulls other than the color of their fur.

White pitbull Temperament

The White Pitbull is a friendly, intelligent, loyal and loving dog. The White Pitbull has a strong protective instinct. They are known to be very territorial and alert making them excellent guard dogs. Although they are not aggressive towards people or other animals, they will become defensive if they sense danger or threat to their family/master. As with other Pit Bull types of dogs, the White Pitbull can be stubborn at times when it comes to training but this trait can easily be overcome by using positive reinforcement methods during the training process.

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Diet and Nutrition

A white pitbull needs a high-quality diet. A poor diet can lead to obesity, which is a common problem for white pitbulls. To help prevent this, you should feed your dog small meals throughout the day instead of one large meal at night. You should also avoid feeding any treats containing sugar or artificial ingredients because they can contribute to weight gain and diabetes in dogs.

As with all dogs, white pitbulls should be fed a high-quality diet that meets their nutritional requirements. They may require more protein than other breeds because of their larger size and active lifestyle. White pitbulls can also have unique requirements for specific nutrients such as calcium, phosphorous, and vitamin D. Consult your veterinarian before making changes to your dog's diet as it may be necessary to adjust the amount of food being fed by hand with a measuring cup at first until you know how much food will fill your dog up without overfeeding him or her.

Image Credit: Godog photo​​/Getty Images

Common Health Problems

White Pitbulls are prone to some health and skin conditions, such as brachycephalic syndrome. Most notably, they have smaller nostrils that can't breathe well. Additionally, their noses are more likely to get sunburned and wet (since they are usually pink), which makes them susceptible to fungus or bacterial infections.
To prevent this from happening, you'll want to give your white pitbulls plenty of shade when outside in the sun for long periods of time. You can also put sunscreen on them before going out into the sun—but be careful not to apply too much!

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How to to Get a white pitbull puppies?

To get a white pitbull puppy, you need to ensure that the mother of your dog is not albino. The mother should have had some sort of pigment in her skin or hair, even if it is a very light shade of brown or blond. You can also ask your breeder about the puppies' parents before buying them. White pitbulls are prone to health issues, so it's important that you choose a reputable breeder who can provide certified documents for each puppy's lineage.

What’s the Price of white pitbull?

If you’re looking to buy your first white pitbull, then you probably want to know what they cost.
The price of white pitbull puppies varies depending on the breeder and location. The age of the dog and gender also affects their prices.
The average price of a puppy from a reputable breeder is around $500-$1000 depending on where you live in North America or Europe as well as what type of breed you are getting with this particular dog breed.

Image Credit: Arlette Lopez​​/Getty Images

Things to know if you own a white pitbull:

White Pitbulls are not albino, but they do have some health concerns.
They have a higher risk of having vision problems than other breeds, and should be tested regularly. Also, white dogs can get sunburned more easily than darker-skinned dogs because their skin doesn't have the same protection from the sun's rays.


  • Make sure your White Pit Bull is getting plenty of exercise. A daily walk is a great place to start, but he will also need time to run in a safe environment if you have the space and resources.
  • Teach your dog commands like sit, stay, heel and down before you take him out in public so that he can obey you when other dogs or people approach him. This will help keep both of you safe from potentially dangerous situations.
  • Never leave a White Pit Bull unattended around small children or other pets because this breed has been known to become aggressive with other animals when not properly trained as puppies.


  • White pitbull training is a must for any dog, but it is especially important for white pitbulls. These dogs have some health concerns that can be exacerbated by neglectful or abusive owners. They are not albino; their skin just has a different pigment than other dogs' coats. Their eyes are also pink due to this condition, called vitiligo.
  • The biggest problem with white pitbulls is that people may mistake them for albinos—or even worse, think they're ghostly creatures who don't belong in the world of living beings (I didn't say this was rational). They are much more likely than non-white pitbulls to be taken out of their homes and treated poorly by strangers if they look different in any way—and since few people know anything about these animals' true nature or history, fewer still know how kind they can be if given proper care and attention!
white pitbull with black spot
Image Credit: MarcinSL1987​​/Getty Images


Are The white pitbull Dogs Good for Families?

White pitbulls are good family pets. They are great with children, and they get along well with other pets, including other dogs and even cats. White pitbulls also get along well with people of all ages, whether they’re young or old. They can be protective of their families (as you would expect from any pet), but they don’t tend to bite without reason—they just want to protect their loved ones when there is danger nearby!
White pitbulls are already popular among families who want a loyal dog who will keep them safe in their homes at all times!

White pitbull With other pets?

White pitbulls are generally good with other pets, including cats and other dogs. However, they need to be introduced gradually to ensure that they get along well together. If you bring home a white pitbull puppy and already have an older dog at home, it’s best to keep them separated for the first few days until you can see how they react around each other.
White pitbulls get along well with children in general, but it’s important that child understands how to handle a dog and knows not to pull on its ears or tail. A white pitbull will not tolerate this kind of behavior from anyone; if your child is too rough with your dog then he may bite out of fear or defense (this does not mean he's aggressive). White Pitbulls are very protective over their owners so it's important for everyone involved - especially kids - that there isn't any kind of tension between them when interacting together so as not to cause any injury!

Are white pitbull Breeds Purebred Dogs?

White pitbulls are not purebred dogs, but they're a cross between a white dog and a pitbull. They're not albino either, but can be mixed with other breeds to create the unique look of a white pitbull.

Affection Level
Exercise Needs
Energy Level
Tendency to Bark
Amount of Shedding

Final Thoughts

The white pitbull is a dog that has been bred for centuries by the Inuit people of North America. The breed was originally used to hunt caribou and other large game, but has since become popular as a companion animal due to its affectionate temperament and ability to protect its owners.

2 Responses


December 21, 2023

Your furbaby may actually have allergies. My girl did that and my girls before her. Pits are known to have skin issues and allergies. Get your baby tested if you are able.


May 18, 2023

I just want to say that I have a white pitt bull with a couple brown spots over his ears and one eye. And I have to say… He sheds very badly. I give him baths with deshedding shampoo for dogs and also use a de shedding brush. He still sheds so much his hair gets in everything and falls out bad. I don’t know what to do to stop this profuse shedding all year round. Has anyone else experienced this ? I’ve never owned a dog that sheds like my Draco. He will be 4 years old in December.

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